Help to solve this Problem
  • Hi everyone,
    I have problem in finding solution to my problem. Plz Help
    I have 50 odd comps stacked one after other. Each one comp has 2 sub comps. One sub comp is for text change and other is for the length change of the under line. The main problem is in the length change comp as i have use Beam Effect in AE and have manipulated its percentage so now i have to go to each comp and change the color of the beam. so i came up with solution to add tint effect to my beam layer which will have same process of going in and adding effect using presets. But before i do that i want to know is there any Expression or script or plugin that can help me to apply that to those multiple comps with going in to that sub comps..? and if that can link those tint layers to contoller
    Plz note that i tried Pt_effects search script but it failed to do that.
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