Another Adobe update.
  • I have been very frustrated with AE and the updating all the freakish time. I have bought you folks plugins and scripts. I am getting rather frustrated to say the least. Why should  keep buying you folks very creative scripts and plugins, to turn around and reload after each monthy up date. Is there and app to help reload my purchases? Red Giant has one and it keeps things up to date. Please direct for better joy. Kip
  • Yes, we have had our manager app for a few years now:

    You can also access it from any product page under SUPPORT -> TOOLS
  • Ok. Thanks.. I tried this about a year ago and things went crazy with my machine. I gave up and loaded them. Hmm. I should check Red Giant if it updated to the new AE2020.. Windows 10. So, I been sitting here working on it. I was able to log on to my account and It found my purchases and now it can't find A.E. In settings, I put the addy for the location for A.E.2020. Same drive and adobe folder. I tried a few combinations. So.. Right know the app can't find After Effects. I have loaded the app which is not Microsoft verified. ... ( I would think that would be a great step) Any more hints would be appercated. Kip
    I got a
    Error from index (7518)
    Unable to get property 'first_name' of undefined or null refernce