Plexus multiple sprites
  • The LinkedIn sample () on AEScripts has a Plexus comp displaying random sprites attached to points. As far as I can see from the tutorials there is only the facility to use one layer as a sprite in any one Plexus effect. Am I missing something? Does anybody know how I can have different sprites attached to multiple points please.


  • They used an early beta of Plexus 2 which is being released on the first week of September! Read about the feature here:
  • I am working a piece that uses a similar effect, though I cannot figure out how to render the lines behind the sprites. Do I need to work with two different layers?

  • To render the lines you need to add a Lines Renderer to your Plexus. To have them behind the sprites just move them up on your Plexus effect stack.
  • The random sprite modes says nothing about how to use multiple layers.
    The sprites tutorial also says nothing about how to do more than 1 text layer. Its just animated to show more letters.
    How do I make it so i can have multiple layers of pictures or text and let the Plexus 2 points / sprites show it in separate points? I need to have it like the video has it, please explain!
  • You need to precomp your sprite layers and use the precomp as the sprite source in plexus. This is clearly shown in the tutorial, please watch it again carefully.