Elementary - Can't cast shadows...
  • Hallo everybody,
    I just bought Elementary plugin but I meet a problem . I Add a light and select both layers (light and Element 3D layer) and I receive this message you can see in picture...

    Please help me!

    Many thanks.
  • Hi Simone,

        what is the type of the Light object in your scene? Elementary won't work with Ambient lights as these cannot cast shadow in After Effects.
        If your light isn't an Ambient light you can send me your project on [email protected] for me to have a look at the issue.


  • Was an Ambient Light... I'm gonna change it.
    Many thanks!
  • No problem,
    be careful with your layer order as I see you have a few 2D layers in your comp and these will "break" 3D. So you need to have the shadow composition created by Elementary and the 3D layer that will be your floor close to each other: if you put a 2D layer between them the shadow won't appear.
  • Hy Kevin,
    okay for your suggestion but I really can't cast simply shadows in this scene... how can you see i'd like simply reflect shadows on ground, oriented as a sun lighting in photo, but i really can obtain this result. Maybe I've to create first a invisible ground to cast on it shadow created with Elementary plugin (but also with a simply cast shadows enabled on 3D object imported).  
    What do yu suggest to cast e realistic shadow for a car on a street ground in a Photo?

    Many thanks!
  • Did you receive the message I sent you?

    "Of course you need to create a 3D layer that will be the floor in order to cast shadows Follow these steps in a new composition:
    1) add your background photo (is it a photo or a video?)
    2) create a 3D layer, rotate by -90ยบ around X so that it becomes a floor
    3) add a camera and move it for the floor to mach the background
    4) add your layer with Element
    5) create an anchor for the group that has your car and move the car with the anchor
    6) add a light"
  • Hi Kevin, I've just now received your message. I read carefully and try to make your suggestions. Many thanks!