• Sticks at Starting Slackout.
    In the background is says Cannot connect to Slack api. Please check that your internet is working.
    It is and Slack is open.

    OSX 10.15.7  Premiere 22.6.2

    Any ideas?
  • Hello Michael, do you get this message after trying to connect to your slack via the page that pops up in your browser ? 
  • I dont get any popup and i am logged in on the slack app and on firefox.
    slack app v4.29.149
    firefox 107.0.1
  • Hello Michael,
    A new version 2.0.1 of the panel is available as of today and it might solve your problem.
    Can you please update your panel from the aescript installer ?

    If it's still not working, can you check if you have some kind of firewall that would prevent Premiere Pro from accessing internet ? 

    Thanks again
  • We are waiting for the After Effects version of the tool :)
  • I don't know man sounds dangerous, what do you need it for ?