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Quick Overview

SlackOut is a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that automates exporting and delivering of your edits to Slack.


The SlackOut panel for Premiere Pro automates the exporting and sending of your edits to Slack, so that when you are finished with editing and need to share your work, you are exactly one click away from grabbing a cup of coffee and relax !

This plugin will  :

  • Handle the naming of your file in a professional manner and increment it so that it's unique; 
  • Let you quickly set an export preset, even custom ones; 
  • Export your file in an "export" folder next to your project file or in a custom folder; 
  • Finally, it can upload your video to Slack, either to a channel or a user.
  • The panel will memorize all settings per sequence, so that you'll need to set it once
You can connect the panel to multiple Slack teams by clicking the little slack icon. Your credentials will be kept inside the Premiere Pro files until you decide to log out.
 SlackOut Panel


The panel has two export buttons : Draft and Final. Both have their own codec configuration next to it. The idea is that you can set up a light size file for draft export and high quality file for final exports. "[DRAFT]" or "[FINAL]" will be indicated at the end of the file so that you and your client are aware of the file type.

The panel also has a really useful "Go to export folder" button that will open the finder/explorer window to your destination folder.

If you created a new channel in Slack or a new export preset in Premiere Pro, you can hit the update button in the top right corner. Click it to reflect the changes in the panel.

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