Sequential Pictures

“A BETTER PRISM”  FCPX’s built-in prism effect is harsh and unattractive. With “Prism & Hues” you can now blur the effect, change the hue, adjust the opacity and the saturation… all independently. Most prism effects can cause harsh and distracting oversaturated screen edges, so there’s a built-in Edge “Fix” to mitigate if the issue if undesired. “Prism & Hues” will also let you vignette the effect so it only affects the edges. Rarely, some footage may need adjustments to the included highlight/midtone/shadow controls so you can tweak the visibility of the effect in certain situations or to adjust the overall image. Comes with effects: Basic, Boldish, Abberative Edges, Fever Dream, Rainbow Trip, The New Shimmer, VHS Lite, Dream Rays, The Eye, & Lenticular Halo. Compatibility: macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 and above for both Intel and Apple Silicon with FCPX 10.6 and above