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Quick Overview

25% Off extended until July 19!. Your AI copilot for social creation in Premiere. Animated captions, Quick stock media, AI-powered.

See monthly Captioner and Producer subscription options below.



AI powered captions

Lightning Fast.

Create social ready content instantly, using AI to enhance sequences with dynamic captions
, emojis
, and stock media.

Best in class
custom captions

Automatically transcribe your sequences and generate beautifully custom captions. Word-by-word animations, ultimate customization, 95% accuracy, and AI suggested highlights make your content pop.

Browse Presets

Stock media one click away

Search and import stock media directly into your sequences, without the typical headaches. Utilize AI features to get automatic media suggestions piped directly into your project.

Media Tool Demo

Auto generate
social ready clips

AI powered content creation. Generate clips for social media instantly from your long-form content. AI finds the best moments and creates new social-ready sequences for you.

Autocut Demo

And more...

CheckCircle Icon

Enjoy 95% transcription accuracy with AI-enhanced captions, ensuring your content is both accessible and engaging.

Hash Icon

AI-highlighted keywords spotlight your content's most impactful messages, making it resonate more with your audience.

Edit3 Icon

Advanced paragraph formatting options give you complete control over how your story is told, visually.

Zap Icon

Cut your editing time in half with lightning-fast AI that automates the tedious parts of content creation.

Globe Icon

Support for 99+ languages ensures that your content can reach a global audience.

BookType Icon

Easily translate your content into 99+ languages, making it accessible to a global audience.


2 Months Free with yearly plans


Built for short form video captioning

$14.99 / month

25% Off until July 20

Billed yearly

  • 1200 minutes of credits yearly
  • Create captions for any sequence
  • B-roll and emoji media browser
  • Access to trending presets
  • 3 custom presets
  • Priority support
  • Autocut content into social clips
  • AI suggested B-roll and emojis
  • Download captions in SRT format


Built for podcasters and power users

$29.99 / month

25% Off until July 20

Billed yearly

  • 4800 minutes of credits yearly
  • Autocut content into social clips
  • Create captions for any sequence
  • AI suggested B-roll and emojis
  • B-roll and emoji media browser
  • Unlimited custom presets
  • Access to trending presets
  • Download captions in SRT format
  • Priority support

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Why users ❤️ Brevidy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brevidy? +

Brevidy is a Premiere Pro tool designed to simplify short-form video creation by leveraging AI. It provides 2 main features: Autocut and Caption creation. Both features create engaging captions and allow for easy customization of lines, colors, animations, and fonts. Once you've created captions you can use AI to suggest relevant emojis and stock media to quickly import and enhance your content.

How do the captions in Brevidy work? +

Upon clicking one of the two initial buttons (Autocut or Caption), Brevidy will render out the audio, transcribe it and generate a new caption layer in your sequence. You can then customize the captions to your liking, including font, color, and animation style - all inside of the Brevidy panel.

How does the Autocut feature work? +

Autocut transforms long-form videos into engaging shorter clips. Just set your in and out points, and Brevidy will transcribe, identify key segments, and create new sequences with captions. This works best for podcasts, interviews, and other long-form content over 20 minutes.

How does the AI suggested media and emojis work? +

Our AI analyzes transcripts to suggest powerful segments for stock media or emojis. Use 'Suggest Clips' or 'Suggest Emojis' to get AI-driven recommendations, which you can automatically import into your sequence.

How do I report a bug? +

Encountered a bug? Report it to us at [email protected]. Your input helps us enhance Brevidy's performance.

How does the credit system work? +

Credits are used in Brevidy to create Captions and also Autocut your sequences. They are based on minutes - creating captions for a 5 minute video will use 5 credits. Other AI features like highlight and media suggestions are unlimited and free.

Can Brevidy automatically reformat clips into different aspect ratios? +

Yes, Brevidy scales videos to fit new aspect ratios. We're also developing a feature for automatic active speaker detection and frame adjustment.

Stylize Captions tutorial

Transcription & Translation tutorial

Create Captions tutorial

Autocut tutorial

Media Tool tutorial

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