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25% Off until Jul 20. Break your videos and find the pixel wonderland ;) The only way to true Datamosh inside of After Effects

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Real video glitching: Datamosh is the real deal. Feed our plugin your composition and we’ll rip it to shreds by dropping just the right frames to get that sweet, juicy, moshy mosh. Type in some random numbers, hit that DATAMOSH button, and you’ve got a music video. This s*** got MOSH'D
Let’s get into the nitty gritty. We’re about to use some confusing words like I-Frames or Deltaframes. If you’re a nerd and wanna know more: Do some research.
TRY and beat this ninja s*** Slay some I-Frames: Click one button, and those dumb a** I-Frames are GONE quicker than your nice Cali Kush on a Thursday night. You’ll be transitioning from cut to cut like a frickin’ video ninja warrior. Not spicy enough? Use the intensity slider to control the moshiness of the effect.
Make it Moshhhhhhh: I-Frames not your style? Feeling a little more loosey goosey? Make your video LITERALLY MELT. Duplicate the Deltaframes to get that nice, drippy, trippy effect. Mess around with the inputs a little more and make your video mosh to the beat. LOL we made it melt
Here, try a sip of our moshy mosh soup.
We TRUMPIFIED someone We created a MONSTER

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    Lazy allows you to distribute your layers and keyframes across your After Effects timeline along an adjustable bezier curve!

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