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Quick Overview

Lazy 2 brings two new dimensions of easing to After Effects. Easily distribute your layers and keyframes across your After Effects timeline along an adjustable bezier curve!

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How it works: Lazy grants After Effects users two new dimensions of easing. By combining the intuitive graph editor with layer sequencing, users are able to offset their layers and keyframes along user defined bezier curves. Now featuring pinching!
Pinching: New in V2 is the ability to pinch keyframes together along your curve. This new dimension of easing provides much more control over keyframe distribution.
Where to use: Lazy can help liven up your animations or save you time in a plethora of scenarios. Use Lazy for text animation, character rigs, quick scene animation, falling objects, transitions, and a magnitude of other places. You will be quick to find all the different places where Lazy is applicable!
Features: Distribute layers and keyframes, construct unlimited bezier curves, three pinching methods for keyframes, library of presets for eases and pinches, save your own curves, bulletproof new UI/UX, distribute at playhead or at beginning of layer/keyframe.


Upgrade Notice

If you purchased Lazy 1 after Dec 14, 2018 you can upgrade for free, otherwise the upgrade is $17.50. Please login to the same account you purchased Lazy 1 with to see the upgrade pricing automatically. If you need any assistance please open a support request


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