Depth Scanner

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Author: Blace Plugins

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Quick Overview

Now available for macOS (>11.5) and Windows! Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for automatic depth estimation.

Depth Scanner


Depth Scanner lets you create depth maps from images and videos. The resulting depth map can be used for a variety of post processing tasks, like adding fog, converting footage to stereo-3d and many more image effects.
city orig city depth



Hardware support


   cpu mode  hardware acceleration
 Windows with NVIDIA GPU  ✅  ✅
 Windows with other GPU  ✅  ❌
 MacOS ≥ 12.3 (M1/M2 or Intel with AMD GPU)  ✅  ✅
 MacOS ≥ 11.5  ✅  ❌

Hardware acceleration will run orders of magnitude faster than the cpu mode.





temp-bad temp-good

New: Improved temporal stability!

We integrated the latest model for temporal stability.


Prediction from single image

Robust and consistent depth estimation from a wide variety of scenes. We use one of the most advanced depth prediction models and have it optimized for everydays usage!
street depth



Optimized for video

The only depth estimator on the market which can produce flicker free and consistent results on video. Multiple frames are used to calculate temporally stable depth maps.



What you can do with it


Slicing effecs

venedig scan

Depth based grading


Parallax Mapping


Post-processed DoF


Add fog




People are using it



Tutorials & Documentation






Additional Infos



It runs on AE 2022 and above. Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.


GPU mode may be not as stable as cpu mode.

On Windows an Nvidia graphics card is needed for gpu version of the plugin.

Trial version

The trial is fully functional with a blue cross watermark which is removed once a valid license is entered.


Based on research and implementation of

After Effects 2023, 2022
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