Bullet Time

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Author: Blace Plugins

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Quick Overview

20% Off until July 11. AI-based frame interpolation with large motion for extra smooth slow-motion

Recover your lost memories!


Bullet time allows you to create smooth interpolations between two input frames and to increase the framerate of any footage.







Slow-Motion from your footage

Increase the framerate of your footage by applying Bullet Time to any time-stretched layer.



Two-frame interpolation

Simply define begin and end frame and animate the timestep in between.



State-of-the-art ai models

Our interpolation pipeline makes use of the latest ai models and comes with a variety of handy settings - creating results of high fidelity.



Optimized for high resolution

Process footage up to 4k on mid-class gpus and m1/m2/m3 macs with very good performance.



Download Demo Project



Hardware support


   cpu mode  hardware acceleration
 Windows with NVIDIA GPU  ✅  ✅
 Windows with other GPU  ✅  ❌
 macOS ≥ 12.3 (M1/M2 or Intel with AMD GPU)  ✅  ✅
 macOS ≥ 11.5  ✅  ❌

Hardware acceleration will run orders of magnitude faster than the cpu mode.



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Additional Infos



It runs on AE 2022 and above. Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.



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After Effects 2024, 2023
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