aescripts + aeplugins Manager App FAQ

Jun 28, 2024 by aescripts + aeplugins admin


What is the manager app?

The aescripts + aeplugins is a standalone desktop application for macOS and Windows that allows you to install, update and license all your scripts and plugins. It also allows you to install trials. It can group and filter and overall makes managing all your scripts and plugins a breeze!


Where can I download it?

Download it from the SUPPORT -> Tools menu, or from here.



My applications are installed on another drive, how can the manager find them?

If an application is not installed at the default location, the manager may not find it but you can add a search path for it: open the settings, click on the folder icon, click "Add Folder" and select a directory to scan.

On Windows, the folder selection dialog might only show the Desktop and you may not be able to access your drives. This is an issue due to the syncing of the desktop via OneDrive, see the following links for reference:

Here are instructions on how to stop OneDrive syncing for a special folder such as Desktop, taken from the link above:

Important: Before proceeding, copy the files in those special folders to another folder or external drive. Please don’t copy them anywhere under Desktop/Documents/Pictures. This is because disabling OneDrive backup for a folder erases the local copies of the files. Copying them to a different location beforehand will ensure that you don’t need to download them again from the OneDrive cloud.

  1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the Notification area and click Settings.

  2. Select the Backup tab, and click Manage Backup

  3. In the Manage folder backup dialog, click on the Stop backup link for "Desktop"

  4. Click Stop backup in the confirmation dialog that appears.


The manager doesn't install products for latest Adobe applications

Make sure you're using the latest version of our manager, otherwise the latest Adobe applications may not be detected.

If an application is not installed at the default location, the manager may not find it but you can add a search path for it: open the settings, click on the folder icon, click "Add Folder" and select a directory to scan.

Some products may not yet be marked as compatible with the latest Adobe apps, but you have two options to install them:

  1. if you're using only the latest apps, open the settings of the manager and tick the "Install for latest host only" checkbox. Then your next installations will be done for the latest apps only (until the next version is released!)

    Click image to enlarge

  2. if you're sometimes using another version (like a Beta for example), install your products and check their compatibility in the right panel. If it stops before, then right-click the product and choose Custom Install to add the latest apps to the list of applications (you can also do this for several products at once by selecting them and right-clicking any of them).

    Click image to enlarge


How can I clear the installer cache used by the manager?

You can right-click an installed product in the manager and choose "Clear Cache” to delete its cached installer.

In order to delete several cached installer at once, select several products, right-click any of them, and click "Clear Cache"


How can I hide products that I don't use anymore from the manager's product list?

Right-click the product you want to hide and choose "Edit Groups", and add the product to the "Hidden" group.

The product will disappear from the product list, but you can still access it by going into the menu to View > Filters and toggling the Hidden group.

I cannot drag-drop zxp files onto the manager

The manager is not meant to install zxp files this way: you should log into the manager, and you'll then be able to install products purchased on using this account.

To install a third-party zxp file, please use our ZXP Installer

I cannot install the manager on Windows, the installer says the product is already installed or throws an error 0x80070490

Our installer may try to install a Windows redistributable package that is in fact already installed on your machine.

Please download and install the following packages from this page:
- first install “aescripts + aeplugins components.msi”,
- then “Manager (update).msi”

the application should start after the second installer has finished running

The manager says that the installer of a product is corrupted

Installers may get corrupted on download, although it is very rare.

Right-click the product you are trying to install and choose "Clear Cache". Fully quit the manager (make sure it is not minimized to the system tray on Windows or the menu bar on Mac) and restart it. Then try install the product again.

If the installation still doesn't work, please open a support ticket.


The manager doesn’t detect my installed software

If your host applications are not installed at their default locations, our desktop applications will not be able to detect them.

However, the manager needs to know which software is installed on your computer to be able to install scripts and plugins. To make the manager detect applications installed in a custom directory, please try this:

- Open the aescripts + aeplugins manager application
- Click on the gear icon to open the settings
- Click on the folder icon
- Click the "Add Folder" button and select a folder where one or several applications are installed
- Click OK

The manager will indicate next to the added folder how many new applications were detected.

You can also see this faq to install in a custom location

The manager freezes after installing an extension

Our manager uses an installation tool packaged in Adobe's Creative Cloud application named UPIA.
Please make sure that you keep the Creative Cloud application up-to-date or UPIA may not function properly, which may cause our applications to freeze.

How can I run the licensing troubleshooter on Mac?

Make sure you are using the latest version of the aescripts + aeplugins manager app.

 Open the troubleshooter from the menu: Help > More > Troubleshooter

The manager will open a Terminal window, do not close it until after the manager sent us the debug report.

Follow the various steps, the manager will automatically upload debug data at the end of the troubleshooting process. You can then safely quit the Terminal app.

Please note that there are no local logs generated, so you just need to reply to the support ticket to indicate you have run the troubleshooter.


How can I export debug logs?

Go into the menu to Help > More > Export Logs and choose an export location.

The manager will create a zip file that is safe to send to us over email (the data does not contain your license keys).


How can I run the manager in debug mode?

Make sure you fully quit the manager and that it's not minimized to the system tray or menu bar.

On Windows, open a Command Prompt (search for "cmd" in the Start menu) and copy/paste the following command:

"%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\aescripts + aeplugins\aescripts + aeplugins.exe" -debug

Press Enter to run the command, the application will then start in debug mode and output text to the Command Prompt window.

On Mac, open a Terminal window (press Cmd+Space to start a Spotlight search, type "Terminal" and press Enter to open the application) and copy/paste the following command:

"/Applications/aescripts + + aeplugins" -debug

Press Enter to run the command, the application will then start in debug mode and output text to the Terminal window.


The manager crashes when launched

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the manager which you can download here.


My issue is not mentioned here

If you still need help, please open a support ticket