Sick advert by the Mill

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Red Giant FTX: Busted

Posted in Tracking Particles After Effects General Inspiration Live Action by aescripts + aeplugins on March 30, 2016

Awesome short using BAO Mask Avenger, PuppetTools and more from Red Giant Films. Includes Making-Of

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Simon Bronson Reel

Posted in Animation Particles After Effects General Compositing Inspiration by aescripts + aeplugins on May 18, 2015

Demo reel from most excellent designer and Plexus power user Simon Bronson.

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Shit Showreels Say

Posted in After Effects Design General Inspiration by aescripts + aeplugins on June 9, 2014

Fantastically designed satire piece which pokes a bit of fun at the overuse of Plexus by Peter Quinn

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15-Yr-Old Kelvin Doe Wows M.I.T.

Posted in General Interviews Inspiration by aescripts + aeplugins on March 10, 2014

This is a different kind of inspiration video but very inspirational no less!  15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in Sierra Leone who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters. Completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus.

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Automatic Holiday Cards

Posted in After Effects General Tutorials Automation by mamoworld on December 22, 2013

Create personalized holiday video cards for all your friends - fully automatic with data from a spreadsheet. In addition to doing such batch processes in AE, you also learn how to automatically align texts - which is crucial if you create hundreds of variants of your clip and don't want to fix each of them manually.

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Announcing Plexus 2

Posted in Particles After Effects General News by Rowbyte on August 15, 2012

We are very excited to introduce the next feature-filled version of Plexus. Plexus has been very well received by the community and we love seeing all the work that is created with it. We have also received numerous requests asking for new features and have put tremendous effort into developing these new features.

There are many new exciting possibilities using the new version and we hope it’ll be an invaluable part of your toolkit.

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Welcome to the all new aescripts + aeplugins

Posted in General News by Lloyd Alvarez on August 7, 2012

Welcome to the all new aescripts + aeplugins.  Read all about the new features!

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