Data for the arts not just the sciences

For many businesses, Big Data acts as a useful resource for analyzing, modeling, and predicting outcomes. But it can also act as a medium that designers can sculpt into meaningful messages that connect with viewers.

We believe that leveraging Big Data in the design process should be a playful and rewarding art. Our products make this possible for content creators.

We enhance the craft of production

Producing quality video content is time consuming, especially when customizing it for specific markets, customers, or products. At Dataclay, we optimize workflows for versioning content, saving businesses thousands of hours in labor costs. We help cross-functional teams efficiently launch communication campaigns that weave streams of data into creative deliverables—resulting in higher viewer engagement.

Dataclay seeks to free content creators from the inefficiencies of menial data entry, allowing them to develop greater quantities of higher quality content in less time. Our solutions leverage industry- standard applications that content creators and developers already use, promoting stress-free integration. We want our users to delight in their work and audiences to connect with their output.

The Dataclay Team

We are a small team with strong backgrounds in design, visual effects, software development, technical writing, and business management. Together, we bring to Dataclay our talents, expertise, and passion for technology, communication, and media. Our goal is to improve the livelihood of content creators and the experience of content consumers.

Dataclay is headquartered in Austin—deep in the heart of Texas—home to SXSW, ACL Music Festival, The Longhorns, and some of the most beautiful wild flowers you'll ever smell. Maybe we're a little biased, but we believe Austin is truly an oasis where technology, culture, and the arts balance out.

The Dataclay Difference

As a leading innovator in post-production workflow automation, we provide:

  • An open standard for creating dynamic video templates
  • Easy integration with existing production environments and apps
  • Artificial intelligence to graphic design layout for handling data variation
  • Solutions that save thousands of hours of labor
  • Intuitive products designed with a user-centered approach