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Availability: No Longer Available

Quick Overview

Transfusion has been discontinued.  Please check out StyleX as a replacement. A cross-grade discount is available if you own Transfusion, login to the same account and you will see the discount automatically on the StyleX page.

Welcome StyleX


Dear Transfusion.AI enthusiasts,

First, let me thank you for being part of the adventure since we released the first Style Transfer AE plugin back in 2018. Transfusion Styles was one of the very first tools to put Style Transfer and AI algorithms in the hands of motion designers and video editors via a user-friendly interface. 

Now, a few years later, this field has seen a lot of improvements, and a new plugin is now available on aescripts: StyleX. This plugin is the work of another talented author, vimager.

When I first tried StyleX, it was clear to me that it was performing better than Transfusion, for many reasons: its speed, its level of control, its temporal smoothness, and the fact that it supports newer GPUs both on Windows and Mac. As a result, it was clear to me that StyleX was the legitimate successor of Transfusion, and we've come together to the conclusion that it was best to retire Transfusion in its favor. 

Developing and maintaining plugins is no easy work, keeping up with Adobe's updates and new features. I believe it's in everyone's interest that the focus and resources be put on one strong product.

I invite you to try StyleX for yourselves, and if you want to buy it, as a Transfusion license owner, you are eligible for a discount!
If you own Transfusion you can purchase StyleX for $55. Simply login to the same account you purchased Transfusion from and the discounted price will be automatically displayed. If you need any assistance please open a support ticket.

What does that mean for Transfusion Styles and Transfusion Blend plugins ?

  • The current versions are still working fine and will continue to work but are no longer supported. That means that an eventual update from Adobe might break compatibility, but until then, you can continue to work as usual with the plugins. The Style Gallery is still accessible and will be for at least one year. If you want to make sure you keep the TRX style packs available, please download them and save them with your installation of Transfusion.
  • Transfusion Style Transfer Suite is no longer available for purchase.

How can I download Transfusion if I have already purchased a license?
You can find it in the 'My Downloads & Licenses' section in your user account.

Thank you, everyone!




Transfusion has been discontinued.  Please check out StyleX as a replacement. A cross-grade discount is available if you own Transfusion, login to the same account and you will see the discount automatically on the StyleX page.



Compatibility update
This is a CPU plugin, with experimental GPU support available for some Nividia cards on Windows. RTX cards are not supported. Please use the free trial to test your PC configuration before buying. The plugin will still work with the CPU on any PC and Mac.

This product contains 2 plugins:

Transfusion Styles

Our first tool, designed to make fast Style Transfer accessible in After Effects. We use machine learning algorithms that learn how to create visual-friendly patterns that we call a Style. As a user, you can load this Style pack in After Effects through our handy plugin.

More details here



Transfusion Blend

More flexible, Blend is an addition to the Transfusion suite which allows you to choose a custom style input by selecting another layer in After Effects. Different AI trainings can be selected according to your image type

More info & how to use




example_cartoon1a example_cartoon1b
example_pi3a example_pi3b
example_tropicalA example_tropicalB
example_presidentB example_presidentA
example_mapsa example_mapsb
example_ropesa example_ropesb



Download Style Packs

Go to our online Styles Gallery to download new styles to work with Transfusion Styles. We currently offer 30+ pre-trained styles and we are continuously releasing new ones.


Create your custom styles

With Transfusion Blend, an arbitrary style transfer algorithm, you can use another layer as the style input. Playing with this input layer will give you a lot of control over your custom style !



  • Compatible with After Effects CC 2015 and up
  • Requires at least 4GB of RAM
  • GPU Support: Only on Windows with NVIDIA cards


Trial version

  • Output will be watermarked by a red cross.
  • Limited to 100 frames per After Effects session.
Once a valid license is entered these limitations are removed.



As a reference, this is the render time per frame for Transfusion Styles,
CPU version on a 3.00GHz i7
  • Level1: 2 seconds
  • Level2: 3.5 seconds
  • Level3: 6 seconds
  • Level4: 13 seconds
GPU version with a Titan X:
  • All levels takes around 1 seconds to render





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