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30% Off Until May 31. Transfusion is the first plugin to bring A.I. Style Transfer in After Effects. It comes with a set of two plugins: one that works with pre-trained neural networks to mimic various styles over your photos and videos and one that blends two images together to allow a custom style input!

Please note that it is currently only available for Windows

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Special Intro 30% Off until May 31, 2018

Transfusion aims to make Style Transfer more accessible by porting it to After Effects. It's the first tool that makes AI (Artificial Intelligence) Style Transfer available for any motion designers and video editors.

Transfusion Styles is our first tool, designed to make Style Transfer accessible in After Effects. We use machine learning algorithms that learn how to create visual-friendly patterns that we call a Style. As a user, you can load this Style pack in After Effects through our handy plugin. The effect works well with images of course, but also adds a new dimension to moving pictures. By targetting style patterns on a fluid camera movement, the neural networks create a tracking effect that would be hard to accomplish with traditionnal methods.


Transfusion Blend is a recent addition to the Transfusion suite, which allows choosing a custom style input. This is done by selecting another layer in After Effects. Blend takes more time to process and produces a less precise result but offers more flexibility.


Current features

Transfusion Styles
  • Level of Details
    • Level 1 to Level 4: Defines how precise the algorithm has to be. Resulting on smaller or bigger patterns in the image. Also has a huge effect on render time.
  • Better resize
    • Default is On, you can turn it off to save a tiny bit of render time, can be useful for long sequences if a clean resize is not needed.
  • Render previews
    • Default if Off to save render time. The plugin will not process the style if the image degradation is lower than 5x5px. The main purpose of this setting is to let you scrub through the timeline while the effect is on for better responsiveness.
  • Infos
    • Will display the current style information and/or errors (like if the style file is missing from a reopened project)

Transfusion Blend
  • Style
    • Choose a layer as the style input
  • Style ratio
    • Defines how much of the style will go in the blend for the final result


Download Style Packs

Go to our online Styles Gallery to download new styles to work with Transfusion Styles.



  • Currently Windows only. A mac version will be released later.
  • Currently 8bits only
  • Compatible with After Effects CC 2015 and up
  • Requires at least 4GB of RAM


Trial version

  • Output will be watermarked by a red cross.
  • Limited to 100 frames per After Effects session.
Once a valid license is entered these limitations are removed.



As a reference, this is the render time per frame for Transfusion Styles on a 3.00GHz i7 CPU, depending on the Level of Details selected:
  • Level1: 2 seconds
  • Level2: 3.5 seconds
  • Level3: 6 seconds
  • Level4: 13 seconds

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Download Styles




example_cartoon1a example_cartoon1b
example_pi3a example_pi3b
example_mapsa example_mapsb
example_ropesa example_ropesb




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Render Only licenses are available for purchase separately here.


After Effects CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015