Transfusion - Style Transfer Suite

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

Transfusion aims to make Style Transfer more accessible by porting it to After Effects. It's the first tool that makes AI (Artificial Intelligence) Style Transfer available for any motion designers and video editors. Now available for Mac and Windows.

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Compatibility update
We are currently in development in order to support RTX cards. Please try the free trial version to see if our product works with your configuration before buying. Stay tuned for updates on compatibility with newer Nvidia cards :)

This product contains 2 plugins:

Transfusion Styles

Our first tool, designed to make fast Style Transfer accessible in After Effects. We use machine learning algorithms that learn how to create visual-friendly patterns that we call a Style. As a user, you can load this Style pack in After Effects through our handy plugin.

More details here



Transfusion Blend

More flexible, Blend is an addition to the Transfusion suite which allows you to choose a custom style input by selecting another layer in After Effects. Different AI trainings can be selected according to your image type

More info & how to use




example_cartoon1a example_cartoon1b
example_pi3a example_pi3b
example_tropicalA example_tropicalB
example_presidentB example_presidentA
example_mapsa example_mapsb
example_ropesa example_ropesb


Download Style Packs

Go to our online Styles Gallery to download new styles to work with Transfusion Styles. We currently offer 30+ pre-trained styles and we are continuously releasing new ones.


Create your custom styles

With Transfusion Blend, an arbitrary style transfer algorithm, you can use another layer as the style input. Playing with this input layer will give you a lot of control over your custom style !



  • Compatible with After Effects CC 2015 and up
  • Requires at least 4GB of RAM
  • GPU Support: Only on Windows with NVIDIA cards


Trial version

  • Output will be watermarked by a red cross.
  • Limited to 100 frames per After Effects session.
Once a valid license is entered these limitations are removed.



As a reference, this is the render time per frame for Transfusion Styles,
CPU version on a 3.00GHz i7
  • Level1: 2 seconds
  • Level2: 3.5 seconds
  • Level3: 6 seconds
  • Level4: 13 seconds
GPU version with a Titan X:
  • All levels takes around 1 seconds to render





After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015