License Code FAQ

Jul 2, 2023 by aescripts + aeplugins

This article only applies to Single User Licenses (SUL)

For floating licenses please see the Floating License FAQ


The easiest way to license our products is by using our manager app:

  1. Download and install manager app 
    (if you do not already have it installed of course)
  2. In the manager, select the product or products you would like to license
  3. Make sure you have the latest version installed, if not then click on 'Install'
  4. Click on the 'License' button
  5. If you are still having an issue please check the troubleshooting section below


If you are licensing a plugin, then please also refer to this FAQ on how to register plugins.

If you are having issues licensing Stardust please refer to this FAQ


Floating Licenses

If you are using Floating Licenses please refer to this FAQ



Keeps asking to enter license

If you are prompted to enter your license code every time please use the aescripts + aeplugins manager app please run the licensing troubleshooter as explained here.

Once you have done, if the issue has not been resolved, then please open a support ticket so we can look at the logs and hopefully determine what the issue is.

Activation Issues

Licenses need to be activated online so the machine that is being licensed will need to be connected to the internet for this to be completed. There is a 7-day grace period for this to happen.  Subscription licenses (SUB) need to be checked online every 7 days. All other licenses need to be re-checked online every 30 days.  Please see this FAQ to manage your activations.

License is not accepted, keeps asking for license or "Access Denied" or "-101" error

Make sure you are not running a firewall or virus protection software that is be preventing the license from being saved to the file system or preventing the license-check process from running.  If this is blocked it will return as an invalid license and you will be asked to enter the license again.

On Windows, you can also try running our manager app with administrator privileges and licensing the tools that way. You might also need to run After Effects with administrator privileges.

If you are a Brazilian user please check that a program called "Warsaw" is not blocking the access.

"Trial is expired" error 

If you are suddenly getting a "Trial is expired" error or any activation related errors, please refer to this FAQ


macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey and above

  • Please make sure that After Effects has "Full Disk Access" in the Security & Privacy system preferences 
  • If you are getting a "Bad CPU type in executable" error in macOS 15 Catalina or above please refer to this FAQ



unable to execute script at line 1. null is not an object

Some users have reported that the new dropbox feature to backup the full hard drive causes this error to happen. Turning this feature off in dropbox fixes it.

If you prefer to do manually and are having issues please check these steps:


You can always retrieve your licenses in the My Downloads & Licenses section of your user account


Make sure you have the latest version installed, if not download it first from the Download - > Latest Version link.

Copy and paste the WHOLE thing including the product id, your name, the asterisks, the number and the three letters and number at the end:



Note: Make sure you turn off any browser extensions that might modify the text in the license like language translation extensions. If the license code is altered it will not validate.


Some older products still use the older license codes which include your first and last name and is case-sensitive. Copy and paste the WHOLE thing including your name, the asterisks, the number and the three letters at the end: First**Last**1111111SUL