License Code FAQ

Mar 12, 2019 by aescripts + aeplugins

This article only applies to Single User Licenses (SUL)

For floating licenses please see the Floating License FAQ

The easiest way to license our products is by using our manager app:

  1. Download and install manager app 
    (if you do not already have it installed of course)
  2. In the manager, select the product or products you would like to license
  3. Click on the 'License' button
    (do not copy and paste the code)
  4. If you are still having an issue please check troubleshooting section below


If you are licensing a plugin, then please also refer to this FAQ on how to register plugins.


Floating Licenses

If you are using Floating Licenses please refer to this FAQ

If you prefer to do manually and are having issues please check these steps:


You can always retrieve your licenses in the My Downloads & Licenses section of your user account

Copy and paste the WHOLE thing including the product id, your name, the asterisks, the number and the three letters and number at the end:




Some older products still use the older license codes which include your first and last name and is case-sensitive. Copy and paste the WHOLE thing including your name, the asterisks, the number and the three letters at the end: First**Last**1111111SUL




If you have followed the steps above and the license is still returning as not valid or you are getting an "Access Denied" or "-101" error, it means that you have a firewall or virus blocker blocking the licensing process. Please disable or properly configure your firewall to allow this process so that your license can be verified. If you are a Brazilian user please check that a program called "Warsaw" is not blocking the access.

If you are having license issues with macOS Catalina, please check the Catalina FAQ