Floating License FAQ

Feb 3, 2021 by aescripts + aeplugins

Is a floating license the right license for me?


Floating licenses are intended for larger enterprise customers who need to be able to control licenses for a large number of users from a central location. If this is not you then you probably don't want to use this license type. If you are a single user looking for a license you can use "anywhere", this is also not the license for you.


How is a floating license different than a single-user license?


Floating licenses differ from single-user licenses in that they can be dynamically moved between users and machines. 


Can a floating license be used by an unlimited number of users?


No. A license can only be used by one user at a time, so make sure you get enough licenses to cover your number of users.


How does the floating license work?


The floating license is served by the Floating License Server which is a command-line application that must be configured and run on your local network, this means that if you are working remotely you would need to be able to VPN into your network to use the license

The server includes a detailed user guide on how to install and run the server as well as how to configure clients to communicate with it.  You can only use Floating (FLT) and Render-Only (REN) licenses with the server, normal single user licenses (SUL) cannot be used with the server.

Please watch the video tutorial on how to setup and run the server before you purchase a floating license to make sure you are comfortable setting it up.


Floating licenses can only be used in conjunction with our Floating License Server.


Not all products offer floating licenses, if a product has a floating license option you will see it in a pull-down under "License Type" directly above the price on the product page.  If you already own a Single User License and would like to upgrade it to a floating license, please open a support ticket.


For more details please visit the Floating License Server product page or open a support ticket for further assistance.