Name Your Own Price

Sep 15, 2021 by aescripts + aeplugins

Essentially “Name Your Own Price” is exactly what it says. It allows you to determine the price you want to pay. This system allows us to cater to all users and works on the honor system which is the way we like to operate. Usually, if you are using the plugin or script for commercial purposes it would make sense that you pay the suggested amount (we made sure the suggested amounts are very affordable) but if you are just playing around or working on a student piece then you could lower the amount to whatever you feel is fair.

The important thing to know is that you are in control and we appreciate you stopping by and grabbing some plugins and scripts. 

Please note that this policy is only available to individual users and does not apply to corporate, institutional or reseller orders. To place a corporate or reseller order please see this FAQ.

If you are looking at how to upgrade a NYOP product, please see this FAQ.