How to place a reseller, institutional or corporate order

Dec 6, 2024 by aescripts + aeplugins admin

If you are a reseller, institutional or corporate customer you can place an "exchange" order on behalf of your customer or employee by sending your Quote Request or Purchase Order (PO) to

All our prices are listed on our site (EULA's are available by clicking on the 'License Terms' link below the price on every product page). You can also request of a formal quote by emailing the address above.

Please note that any sitewide sales like the Cyber Week or Summer Sales, as well as the "Name Your Own Price" policy do not apply to enterprise, corporate, institutional or reseller orders.

Important note for resellers:

You cannot place a reseller order directly on the site.  Orders placed directly on the site are licensed to the purchaser and cannot be transferred. Licenses that are found to be violating this rule will be invalidated and not eligible for refund after the refund window has expired.


License types and number of users

We offer different license types. Please see the faq to learn about the different license types. When requesting a quote please indicate the license type and number of users.

When placing an order for more than one user (floating or single user) we issue a one license code for all users. This means that this license will be managed from one account. All users will share the same license code. If you prefer to have separate individual licenses that can be exchanged and managed from their own separate accounts, you must request separate individual licenses when requesting the quote and/or order.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the same email address.