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Floating license server for many of our licensed products.
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Floating license server for many of our licensed products (check supported list below). Once installed on your network, any compatible product can be assigned a floating license from the server.

This server is completely optional and NOT required to license any product. It is intended to for customers who need to manage a large number of licenses.


  • Light-weight command line application.
  • Runs on Linux, Windows and macOS with a simple config file.
  • Simple address:port plist configuration for clients.  A command line tool is included to facilitate the creation of this file.
  • Licenses can be requested and released from the client machine as well as directly on the server.
  • Optional failover backup server configuration.
  • Configurable logging level.
  • Optional hero list. These are machines that will automatically get a license when they request it. If the maximum number of licenses are already in use the oldest lease not on the hero list will be released without warning. You can use this feature if you have a machine that must always be licensed such as a rendering node for example.
  • Optional blacklist. Machines on this list will never be issued a license.
  • License code aggregation (add multiple license codes and they will be combined).

Supported Products

This list is continuously changing so please contact support to check if the product you are interested is not on this list.

  • AE Flame

    aescripts + aeplugins

    • Compatibility After Effects

    AE Flame

    Generate beautiful keyframable fractal animations
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