Floating License Server

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Quick Overview

Floating license server for products that offer Floating and/or Render Only licenses. This server is free when purchased in combination with any floating licenses. Discount automatically applied in the shopping cart when purchased at same time as a floating license.

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Floating license server for products that offer Floating and/or Render Only licenses. This server is required to be able to use Floating Licenses. Please note that there are some products that offer Render Only licenses that are not yet supported by this server. Please check the Floating License FAQ or open a support ticket if you have any questions

Once installed on your network, any compatible product can be assigned a floating license from the server.

Please note that only Floating (FLT) and Render Only (REN) licenses are able to be used with the server

This server is only required for Floating (FLT) licenses, Single User Licenses (SUL) do not require this server. It is intended for customers who need to manage a large number of licenses.


  • Light-weight command-line application.
  • Runs on Linux, Windows and macOS with a simple config file.
  • Can be run on a VM as well as alongside other servers such as RLM.
  • Simple address:port plist configuration for clients.  A command-line tool is included to facilitate the creation of this file.
  • Clients can also optionally be configured with an environment variable.
  • Licenses can be requested and released from the client machine as well as directly on the server.
  • Optional failover backup server configuration. (Backup server included in license)
  • Configurable logging level.
  • Optional hero list. These are machines that will automatically get a license when they request it. If the maximum number of licenses are already in use the oldest lease not on the hero list will be released without warning. You can use this feature if you have a machine that must always be licensed such as a rendering node for example.
  • Optional blacklist. Machines on this list will never be issued a license.
  • Optional whitelist. Only machines on this list will be issued a license.
  • License code aggregation (add multiple license codes and they will be combined).

System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows 7 x64 (probably also runs on 64bit Vista or even XP but these are not officially supported) or newer
  • Mac: macOS 10.7 (Lion) or newer
  • Linux: Intel x64 based architecture running Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS compatible distribution


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    AE Flame

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