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Author: Breton Brander

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Quick Overview

Game-changing improvements to After Effects! — Auto eased animations. One-click slide, rotate, scale and more  

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Animate an entire scene with a few clicks! (no easing or graph editor needed) 

Introducing KeyFast

KeyFast is a game-changer. It's loaded with customizable 1 click animations, useful shortcuts, and intuitive controls to help you animate more fluidly. (Like having a butler in After Effects) 

Essentially, KeyFast does all the repetitive stuffleaving more time to animate the fun stuff. (It's so easy, your mom could do it!... Seriously.)


Easing should be easier

Imagine if keyframes were eased by default. 
Now you can apply animations with auto eased keyframes... on multiple layers at once (with 1 click).


Everything in After Effects should be easier!

Trim Paths, slide, scale, or rotate multiple layers (automatically with easing).
Stagger layers. Better yet, stagger keyframes... or align them.
Copy/paste keyframes on multiple layers, ease every keyframe in your entire comp with a click, and a whole lot more!



KeyFast users

Watch a live demo of KeyFast:




How it works:


KeyFast step one image


KeyFast step two image

KeyFast step three image




Feature breakdown:

Main features:

  • Trim Paths on and off (on multiple layers)
  • Stagger layers up or down
  • Stagger keyframes up or down
  • Align keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Copy/paste keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Ease specific keyframes (or all of them) with 1 click
  • Slide layers in any direction (with automatic easing)   
  • Rotate layers left or right (with automatic easing)
  • Ease all keyframes on selected layers 
  • Fade layers on and off
  • Add overshoot to any KeyFast button

Additional features:

  • Time reverse keyframes
  • Change trim path direction
  • Center anchor points before rotating
  • Center anchor points before scaling
  • Eliminate those annoying path handles with linear keyframe easing                 
  • And more!


Intuitive control:

  • Hover over any button to see what it does
  • Customizable settings (like ease, overshoot, and sliding values)
  • Quick popup panels (to adjust settings in a second)
  • Command and shift hotkeys (for precise control)
  • A quick start guide (that will walk you through your first time using KeyFast)
  • Adjustable button layout (horizontal or vertical)
  • A compact panel (that fits in tight workspaces)
  • And more






Why does KeyFast exist?

I've spent a lot of time making explainer videos. Simple, repetitive, explainer videos.
Eventually I started thinking, "how can I do the tedious parts faster?" And that's how KeyFast was born.

Using KeyFast made me realize how many hours I'd been leaving on the table... And it's a lot of hours!


Who is KeyFast for?

KeyFast is for anyone who uses After Effects and wants to work more efficiently. I seriously believe that! I've used KeyFast on high & low end projects. In fact, I use it on nearly every project I work on, and it saves me a lot of time, and (more importantly) boredom.


Still on the fence?

No problem, you can have KeyFast free for a whole week!

Try it on your next project, and if you don't like it, don't buy it. 0% risk. 100% likely that you'll save time.




What people are saying:

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Video reviews:

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Don't waste time on boring stuff. Let KeyFast do it for you, faster. 

Try it free on your next project! 



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