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Author: Breton Brander

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Quick Overview

After Effects to Instagram uploader thumbnailSocial Beam makes posting fun!
After Effects to Instagram In 3 clicks — Try it free

(now compatible with M1 Mac)

 Is your portfolio up to date? Mine isn't... Yet. 


Painlessly post content

I'm going to take a guess that you don't update social media as much as you could (I sure don't)... Maybe you got tired of sending videos to your phone and then to Insta.

Social Beam is here to make posting more easy & fun!

Save time & get your dream clients

Post to Instagram with 3 clicks. Social Beam will deal with all your render settings, video dimensions, frame rates, etc. 

Share more work & land your dream clients/job offers! Social Beam makes it kinda fun (and wayyy easier).
Try it free! 

How It Works:


1. Select Your Comp

After opening Social Beam, just click on any composition and it's ready to be beamed.

After Effects Script Hover cursor example


2. Click "Start Render"

Don't worry about render settings. Social Beam will let you know if anything needs to be changed.

After Effects Script Mouse Click


3. Write A Caption

Finally, type out a caption for your post and send it off!

After Effects Grab Hand Cursor Script


All Done!

Share content, save time, & get clients with Social Beam :)

After Effects Instagram Uploader Plugin

Bonus Feature:

Social Beam exports mp4

After Effects Grab Hand Cursor Script 


Why Social Beam Exists?

I usually neglect posting. But once, on a whim, I decided to share an animation on Instagram. That same day I was reached out to by a future client.

What a huge opporunity cost! By not posting, I was missing my clients. But posting takes a lot of steps. I don't usually set aside my current project to google render settings, export a video, send to my phone, and post.

Social Beam reduces friction from posting on social media.

Is Social Beam Worth it?

I can post without Social Beam, but because of the hassle, I don't post very often.
There are too many steps involved in converting videos & sometimes even sending them to my phone for upload.
The way I think about it, if Social Beam helps you post 30% more, it will probably land you a client or project and easily pay for itself!



 Social Beam will help: 
Social Beam is cool because:
  • Export mp4 files
  • Easily share your best work        
  • Get more clients & jobs   
  • Save time
  • Makes social media posting fun? I think so!
  • Helps you post more often
  • Can easily pay for itself (helping you land your next gig)
  • Easier to collect clips for your next demo reel

Not sure if Social Beam is worth it?
Enjoy a week of free beaming and see if you like it :)




(Click under this video to watch all tutorials) 


Heads up!

  • Social Beam currently works with Instagram Posts. (Not supported: Stories and Reels)
  • Social Beam currently requires that you have a Dropbox account (free)
  • You will also need a Facebook Business account (1 minute to setup)


Watch the live demo:

Thank you!

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