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Author: Breton Brander

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Quick Overview

Automate your cursor animations, butttons, clicks & more!

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Tired of keyframing your cursor clicks & button animations
And then doing it all over again when your client wants a revision? 

Hover automatically changes your button when you animate a cursor hovering over it (and more)!

No more keyframing button hovers, mouse clicks, and cursor hands.



How it works:


1. Auto-Update Cursor & Buttons:

Look mom, no keyframes! Cursor changes into hand when hovering is over buttons. Buttons change color when cursor is hovering over them.

After Effects Script Hover cursor example



2. Easy Click Animations:

Adding a click animation is as easy as...well, a single click. And retiming the entire click animation is as easy as dragging your "click" layer.

After Effects Script Mouse Click




3. Drag Those Files:

Click to grab. Click to release. Done.

After Effects Grab Hand Cursor Script




  • Creates your cursor icon
  • Makes click animations 
  • Easily retime click animations by dragging a single layer
  • Automatically update button brightness when cursor hovers over it
  • Automatically change cursor to pointer hand when above any button
  • Easily grab & release layers while your cursor changes into a grabbing hand icon
  • Change your cursor icon (by updating the cursor precomp)




If you create button & cursor animations, Hover will save you headaches of time! (Seriously... and if you don't like it, please just return it)
Don't buy Tylenol. Buy Hover. ;)

Thank you!

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After Effects 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017
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