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Author: Breton Brander

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Quick Overview

Automate your cursor & button clicks!

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Tired of keyframing your button & cursor interactions?

Hover automatically changes your button whenever your cursor hovers over it!


How it works:


1. Auto-Update Cursor and Buttons:

Look mom, no keyframes! Cursor changes into hand when hovering over buttons. Buttons change color when cursor hovering over them.

After Effects Script Hover cursor example



2. Easy Click Animations:

Adding a click animation is as easy as... well, a single click. And retiming the entire click animation is as easy as dragging your "click" layer.

After Effects Script Mouse Click




3. Drag Those Files:

Click to grab. Click to release. Done.

After Effects Grab Hand Cursor Script




  • Create cursor icons
  • Make click animations 
  • Easily retime click animations by dragging a single layer
  • Automatically update button brightness when cursor hovers over it
  • Automatically change cursor to pointer hand when above any button
  • Easily grab & release layers while your cursor changes into a grabbing hand icon


If you commonly create button & cursor animations, Hover will save you headaches of time :).
Don't buy tylenol. Buy Hover!

Thank you!

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After Effects 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017
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    Breton Brander

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    This is the animate button clients thought you always had.  Save an absurd amount of time with this compact panel of one-click animations. 

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    Breton Brander

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    Continuously rasterize entire project with a click.

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