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Burst Box

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Breton Brander

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Quick Overview

1 click to create pop animations
Includes 30 bursts with endless customization
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BurstBox is a sparkling trove of burst & pop animations ready for your command. 

Just say the word captin. One click and you can have any burst in a second.


Shiver me timbers, this treasure box is packed with endless booty! ✨ 

Each animation is easily customizable (both color and style). 

What arrr you waiting for? Your ship awaits!
Sail through your next animation project and add some extra treasure with BurstBox.



BurstBox comes with 30 burst animations
Each one is easy to customize!

(watch all 30 animations here

After Effects Script

Update your entire color palette

BurstBox comes with several color palettes
Each one is easy to customize! Swap out palettes with 1 click.

After Effects Script 



How It Works

Advanced tutorial here.



Animate Quickly

1 click makes a burst precomp. Use the search bar to find your favorites.

After Effects Script Burst Animation


Edit Your Burst

BurstBox makes it easy & intuitive!
Simply edit one path & your change will update all paths around your burst circle.
(The burst pictured below is a path that is copied & distributed around in a circle.)
Create more (or less) copies of your burst path.

After Effects Script


Update Colors

Change colors and update all your bursts at once!
BurstBox also includes a button that allows you to switch between several burst color palettes
(All of which are easy to customize)

BurstBox after effects burst colors 





Can I Edit Bursts?

Yes. BurstBox makes it very easy to customize each burst animation after it's created.
BurstBox makes each burst animation a precomp. Simply open it up and change contents easily.


Can I Add My Own Bursts?

Unfortunately not. But you can easily customize the animations after BurstBox makes them.
You can also contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter about possibly including your burst in the next release of BurstBox.


Can I Try It?

Yes! Use BurstBox for 7 days.
No end of trial period payment traps :)

Try it out for free & add some extra pop to your next project!


Is BurstBox Worth It?

BurstBox is a great tool for adding production value quickly.
Before BurstBox, the time it took to create bursts often wasn't worth the bang for buck.
It's nice to add pop animations in a second when I want them. 

And of course, it's extremely useful on projects like the promo video shown above ;)
If you're unsure if BurstBox is for you, give it try for free! 



Are You Ready?

Give BurstBox a try :)


After Effects Burst Animation Script

Thank you!

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