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Motion Reaction

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Pixcode

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Quick Overview

Create a sense of movement and continuous state for any object.

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Create a continuous state and morph motion for any objects


  • Works with PreComp, Shape and Text layers
  • Full settings
  • Avoid extra layers!
  • Morph motion
  • Apply on objects with any figure

After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018
  • Internal Property


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Internal Property

    Easily move and adjust already animated objects by "internalizing" the animated properties. Create multiple keyframed animations for each property.

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  • Reveal Matte


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Reveal Matte

    Create a matte on the path of moving objects and reveal the layers in this path.

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  • Dynamic Shadow


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Dynamic Shadow

    Create a dynamic and controllable floor shadow.

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