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Quick Overview

Enhance your 3D capabilities in After Effects with Super 3D.


Super 3D is a powerful extension for After Effects (version 24.1 and newer) that expands your 3D capabilities. With Super 3D, you can easily add 3D objects, parametric primitives, and control textures.

  • Add 3D objects (GLB, GLTF) with a single click
  • Replace models or textures on existing layers, even with animations
  • Convert 3D layers to solid layers for applying effects
  • Responsive UI

3D Primitives Library

Super 3D provides a library of 3D primitives, allowing you to quickly add basic shapes to your projects without the need for external modeling software.


Parametric Models

Customize your 3D objects using parametric models. Adjust various parameters such as size, depth, and bevels to create unique and complex compositions directly within After Effects.


Generators (Shapes to 3D)

Convert your 2D shapes into 3D models using the Extruder, Lathe, and Tube generators. Easily create 3D objects from your existing vector artwork.


Texture Control

Fine-tune your 3D objects by controlling textures directly within the extension. Adjust scale, position, rotation, and material properties for each texture to achieve the perfect look.


Add Models to Library

Expand your 3D library by importing your own models. Super 3D supports GLB, GLTF file formats, allowing you to use custom 3D objects in your After Effects projects.


How does it work?



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