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Quick Overview

Faux Parent will give you all the power of normal parenting, but with the freedom that you will never get from a "real" parent. Faux Parent allows you to decide how much control the parent can have over the child in Adobe After Effects.


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With Faux Parent, your child can be parented with one or more transform properties (Position, Scale, Rotation, Opacity) with settings that break the traditional parenting relationships.


Parenting Modes

Faux Parent - Position & Scale

XY, X Only, Y Only, XY Inverted, X Only Inverted, Y Only Inverted, X Inverted + Y Standard, X Standard + Y Inverted

Faux Parent - Rotation & Opacity

Standard, Inverted, Target (rotation only)

  Batch Parenting


 Introduced in Faux Parent 1.1

The user can assign any of the parenting modes to all selected layers while applying Faux Parent.

  Batch Delay


Introduced in Faux Parent 1.2

Batch Delay. With the batch delay, use one of the two modes to apply a delay to several children at once.

Random Mode: Enter a min and max value to apply a random value within the designated range.

Sequence Mode: Enter a min and max value and divide the difference equally among the selected layers.

  Batch Influence

Introduced in Faux Parent 1.2

Batch Influence. With the batch influence, use one of the two modes to apply different amounts of influence to several children at once.

Random Mode: Enter a min and max value to apply a random value within the designated range.

Sequence Mode: Enter a min and max value and divide the difference equally among the selected layers.



Introduced in Faux Parent 1.4

The sync engine has been completely rewritten. The process is significantly faster and makes Faux Parent compatible when running After Effects in other languages. Note: Clean has been removed from the UI as it is obsolete due to no keyframes created. 


  Project Share

Faux Parent doesn't break with shared project files.

After Effects project files that utilize Faux Parent can easily be shared as Faux Parent works without the script and even allows for adjustments.


Faux Parent 1.2 makes it easy to create a parallax effect using the sequential influence option. 

Faux 3D

Create complex animation by adding delay (frames) or influence amount (0%-1000%) to any Faux Parent mode. 



⇾ Parent (Planet with Ring) - Keyframed position, scale, and rotation ⇾ Child 03 - XY Invert, Influence 20%, Delay 6 Frames
⇾ Child 01 - XY, Influence 60%, Delay 2 Frames ⇾ Child 04 - XY Invert, Influence 50%, Delay 8 Frames
⇾ Child 02 - XY, Influence 20%, Delay 4 Frames ⇾ Child 05 - XY Invert, Influence 100%, Delay 10 Frames


Faux Parent allows you to use a different parent for each property (position, scale, rotation, and opacity). Therefore, the user can have up to four parents per child layer.



Set the anchor point of the child independent of the parent. You can rotate and scale your child from any Anchor Point. You aren't limited to the parent's anchor point.


All gears are driven by keyframes on the yellow gear using a variety of influence amounts and inversed directions. The belts and claw are driven by the keyframes on the gear using Drive



0:00  Applying Faux Parent 6:40  Rotation - Target Mode
1:10  Syncing 8:40  Influence and Delay
2:28  Removing Faux Parent 9:40  Batch Delay
2:43  Batch Parenting & Auto Sync 12:57  Batch Influence
4:05  Clean (Obsolete)  


Learn how to use Faux Parent to create a faux 3d parallax effect using only 2d layers.



Current limitations:

• Faux Parent works with 2d and 3d layers. When layers are 3d, only 2d properties are respected. 

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