Set Parent To Structure

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Author: budum

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Quick Overview

Auto parent-child linking of layers to character skeleton

Do you use DUIK to create character skeletons?

The most tedious part is to parent the child layers to the structure one by one.

Introducing Set Parent To Structure!

Auto parent-child layers to skeleton


This is the first script I wrote. Before that, I didn't even know how to write code.
I hope it can be helpful to you. At present, there are still many problems with this script. You are welcome to point them out, and I will speed up my own learning code (I really need to learn everything from 0 when I write code),
at present this script can only support duik16 and below, I will also test duik17 in the future version.

Although the official recommendation is that I list the price at $10, I still want to use it for everyone for free,I have submitted this script code to duik official for free, duik17 may add this function, because all the work is done by myself, so maintenance and upgrades may be slow. If you are willing to support me financially, even a penny is a big encouragement to me!!!!

虽然官方建议我标价10美元,但我还是想免费给大家使用,我已经免费把这个脚本代码提交给了duik官方,duik17可能会加入这个功能,因为所有的工作都是我一个人完成的,所以维护和升级可能会比较慢。 如果你愿意在经济上支持我,即使是一分钱对我也是很大的鼓励!!




If you have any questions, please contact me via WeChat or email

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Email: [email protected]

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