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Quick Overview

Offset your layers in traditional ways or take them to the next level with patterns that will stagger your layers based on comp position. Toggle to Sortify mode to organize your layers all in a compact UI.


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Ascend – Increase layer offset by one frame each click from the bottom layer to the topmost selected layer.

Descend – Increase layer offset by one frame each click from the topmost layer to the bottom selected layer.

Random – Randomly offset layers by entering the minimum and maximum number of frames the layers should be offset by.

Sequence – Sequence the layers in the order of selection. 

CTRL/CMD:  Reverse the step direction. (supported modes – ascend, descend, and patterns).

SHIFT: Increment the offset by ten frames (supported modes – ascend, descend, and patterns).




ALT: Group the layers by label color, parent chains, and user-specified count (supported modes – ascend, descend, random, sequence).

The layer colors must be contiguous to be considered a group.

Label Groups


Offset layers according to selected parented chains. Only parents and children in the selection are considered for offset.

Parent Groups


User-specified numeric value for the size of each group.

Count Groups



Patterns:  Offsets are determined by the layer’s position in the comp. Currently, there are fourteen patterns to choose from. The layers will be offset by one frame for each click or ten frames while holding SHIFT. When using patterns, layers with the same relative position will have the same in-point. For example, when using "Right" all the layers with the same x-value will have the same in-point. Use ALT to ensure each layer has its own unique in-point.


Available Patterns: Right, Left, Up, Down, Inward X, Outward X, Inward Y, Outward Y, Lower Left to Upper Right, Upper left to Lower Right, Upper Right to Lower Left, Lower Right to Lower Left, Radial Out, Radial In




Use patterns to quickly animate scenes and iterate through different variations.




Sortify: By default, Stratify is in offset mode but toggling to sort mode is one click away. Ascend and Descend are based on the dynamic dropdown menu that includes Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation, Opacity, In-point, Out-point, Selection Order, Label Color, and Layer Name. Random will randomize the layer order and the sequence button will reverse the layer order. Properties that support multiple dimensions will enable the drop-down to select X, Y, or Z.




Sort by Layer Type: Easily sort layers based on their type. Layer types that aren't in the Active Layer Types panel will be placed in the Primary Group so it's easy to move specific layer types within the comp. For example, move all your Cameras and Lights to the top and Track Mattes to the bottom of your comp with a single click.

Supported Layer Types: cameras, lights, adjustment layers, nulls, shape layers, text, solids, track mattes, guide layers, track mattes, and audio.

Sort Type



The Walkthrough


What's new in 1.1/1.2?

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
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    • Compatibility After Effects

    Groups and Toggles

    Pre-composing layers in After Effects is unavoidable at times, but now you can access pre-composed layers to create mattes, rearrange layer order, embed mattes in MOGRTs, or add multiple MOGRT versions in one file all while keeping your project procedural.

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  • Drive


    • Compatibility After Effects


    Drive allows the user to control one property with another. For example, you can rotate a layer based on the x position of another layer. Change a particle emitter rate based on the scale of a layer. Change the hue of a layer based on the opacity of another layer. Okay, you get the idea.

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  • Relativity


    • Compatibility After Effects


    Arrange layers horizontally and vertically in rows, columns, grids, and circles, based on their relationship to other layers and the composition.
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  • Fresh Trim


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Fresh Trim

    NEW: Five new trim modes. Fresh Trim is designed to help keep your timeline organized by trimming layers quickly according to a variety of attributes.

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    • Compatibility After Effects

    Faux Parent

    Faux Parent will give you all the power of normal parenting, but with the freedom that you will never get from a "real" parent. Faux Parent allows you to decide how much control the parent can have over the child in Adobe After Effects.

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  • Essential Namer 2


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Essential Namer 2

    Add your most common layer properties to the Essential Graphics Panel without having to navigate to your active comp and add custom property naming in the process.

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