Super Resize Me!

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Author: Mograph Mindset

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Quick Overview

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Batch resize After Effects projects.

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Development by Mograph Mindset & Nate Lovell

Motion Design & Art Direction by Mike Labrow

Super Resize Me!

Resize Composition dimensions and scale all child layers and precomps relative to it. This helps you quickly scale projects for different output resolutions while maintaining the same aspect ratio.

    • Upscale or downscale a complex project
    • Convert HD project to 4K—or vice-versa
    • Resize individual comps while working
    • Bulk versioning


The "Recursive" setting scales the starting comp and all related child precomps. To scale one comp at a time, uncheck the "Recursive" checkbox.

Easily scale all:

    • 2D Layers
    • 3D Layers
    • Camera Layers
    • Default 3D Camera
    • Parented Layers
    • Locked Layers

Note: The use of expressions dependent on Transforms and Camera Properties may need to be converted to keyframes before running the script. Right-click keyframes and go to Keyframe Assistant > Convert Expressions to Keyframes. For batch expression conversion, use Easy Bake.


The easiest way to install is by using the aescripts + aeplugins manager app

Windows: Move Super Resize Me!.jsx to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2023\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

Mac: Move Super Resize Me!.jsx to Applications/Adobe After Effects/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/

Inspired by "Recursive Scale Comp" by Blurrypixel Software (2010)

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