Pre-compose Pro

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Author: TackStudio

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Quick Overview

25% Off until July 20. A major update to the native AE Pre-compose tool — Pre-compose Pro gives you a brand new pre-comping experience with loads of new features.


Pre-compose Pro

Read the full documentation here.

Pre-compose Pro Comparison

A major update to the native AE Pre-compose tool — Pre-compose Pro gives you a brand new pre-comping experience with loads of new features.

Layer Menu Item
On macOS, Pre-compose Pro lives in the layer menu, right next to the native Pre-compose.
On Windows, you'll find it in the File > Scripts menu.
On both platforms, Pre-compose Pro works exactly the same — Windows layer menu item support is coming soon!
Pre-compose Pro Menu Item

Keyboard Shortcuts
On macOS, you can add the 'Cmd+Shift+C' keyboard shortcut to After Effects from the Pre-compose Pro settings window.
On Windows, you can add a shortcut to Pre-compose Pro in the native After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts panel — just search for Pre-compose Pro.
On both platforms, you could add the .jsxbin file to a KBar shortcut.

Pre-comp Name Placeholders
You can use 5 placeholders to automatically name your pre-comps and set the default name in the settings. Let's say we're pre-comping some layers within a composition called “Comp 1” — the resulting name from the example settings below would be “prefix_Comp 1_precomp_01”.
Pre-compose Pro Placeholders

Crop Pre-comp Contents
Auto crop the contents of your pre-comp to a specific frame or the full animated duration.
Set Pre-comps Label
Set your pre-comps label on creation. Pre-compose Pro gets your label colors from your preferences, so it's always up to date.
After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022
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