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Quick Overview

Create 3D models by extruding solid, shape, text and transparent layers, applying textures, and manipulating surfaces using masks.

Create 3D Models in After Effects

  • Extrude solid, shape, text and transparent layers.
  • Create 3D cubes, origami shapes, and other geometric forms.
  • Generate all kinds of complete and incomplete pyramids.
  • Carving and surface changes created by masking.
  • Apply textures to the 3D models you create.
  • Simplified controls for customizing: color, depth, rotation angle and more.
  • Use masks to selectively extrude or manipulate specific surfaces.
  • Perform beveling, chamfering, and other modifications.


Extrude anything by one click

b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8 b9 b10 b11 b12 b13 b14 b15

Extrude Offset Types

offset0 offset1 offset2


  • You can easily convert any polygon in the form of solid, shape, text and transparency layers into 3D volumes.

  • After that, you can extrude any of the created surfaces. Select the desired surface, confirm the depth and offset value and click the generate button again.

  • Also, with the "Change in surface" button, you can make your changes with the mask and then extrude it (inner or outer).

  • After the modeling process, you can texture the created surface in groups or individually




  • After the modeling process, you can easily texture the created surfaces.

  • Texturing of created surfaces can be done individually and in groups.

  • Select the desired surface and click on the texturing button.

  • The corresponding surface will be precomped and an area for texturing will appear for you.

texture1 texture2

Use Cut-Out Templates

train car


sample-1 sample-2 sample-3 sample-4 sample-5 sample-6 sample-7 sample-8 sample-10

Some Other Features

    Origami Cube:

  • Origami style for the made boxes.
  • Adjust the opening amount of the box with the controller

  • Wired Mode:

  • Create 3D objects with wired mode.

  • A controller for wired mode settings will be added

Origami wired


After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017
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    Add a bleeding effect to type and objects with many controls and fully loopable!

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    Save Objects

    Save compositions, layers and properties with live preview.

    Presets, Fonts, Masks, Markers, Keyframes interpolation, Expressions and JSX code can also be saved with the ability to change all values
    + All files viewer

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    Duplicate layers using a pattern in After Effects with many options:

    controllable duplication, randomize properties, anchor point management, layers coloring, layers arrangement, and more.

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  • Save Actions


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    Save Actions

    Save and recall actions in After Effects. A practical and easy tool for storing layers with the ability to save the properties of layers in general or selectively with live preview.

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    Matte Tool 2

    20 tools that make it easier to work with mattes and layers in After Effects. New: 4 new tools, new responsive UI and many more tweaks and fixes!

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    Ae Voice Recorder

    Quickly and easily record voice and audio directly in after effects.
    Perfect for VO's, scratch tracks, notes and client comments

    Currently only supports Windows. macOS support coming soon.

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