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Quick Overview

Bring live text layers, shapes & masks to life in a single click with Extrude. Features 2D Directional, Vanishing, or Full 3D extrusions modes.
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Extrude live text, shapes and mask paths in AE.


  • Directional, Vanishing and 3D extrusion modes
  • 3D extrude mode compatible with Ae cameras
  • Compatible with Ae's inbuilt text animators
  • Inner extrusion: seamlessly transition between normal and inner
  • Solid or gradient shading with intuitive gradient colourwheel editor
  • Blazing GPU accelerated performance
  • Hi-fidelity results, inbuilt anti-aliasing
  • Robust handling of intersecting/overlapping paths
  • 32bpc MFR and apple silicon native

3 unique modes: Directional, Vanishing, 3D Camera

Seamlessly transition between outer and inner extrusion

3D transforms and shading compatible with the AE Camera

Extrude shape layers for ultimate control & perfect text morphs

Control pivot anchor with individual front & back extrusion parameters

Even works with cursed fonts

Gradient shading with intuitive radial gradient editor; up to 32 colours

Compatible with path aligned text

Combo it with the free Repeater plugin

GPU accelerated; 32bpc MFR for blazing fast renders

Stack multiple copies together for unique results

3D text; easy as 1, 2, 3

Pair with Path Visualizer to show off your curves

Robust path intersection compatible with merge paths and mask modes: add, subtract, difference, etc.

Perfect for stylish animated typography

Create flat shading with non-interpolating gradients

Video Tutorials

Read the docs
  • Motion blur must be generated as a post process with CC Force Motion Blur
  • Shape layer primitives (Polygon, Rounded Rectangle etc.) must be converted from parametric to bezier paths before being extruded
  • Shape layer effectors Merge Paths and Transform are supported, but other effectors are not (Wiggle Paths, Pucker & Bloat etc.)
  • 3D Camera Mode is compatible with native Ae cameras but won’t render depth of field
  • Most text animators are compatible with some exceptions. See full effector compatibility here
  • UI Compact
  • UI Expanded
After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017
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