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Matte Tool 2

Author: MotionCodes

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Quick Overview

20 tools that make it easier to work with mattes and layers in After Effects.  New: 4 new tools, new responsive UI and many more tweaks and fixes!

Matte Tool

A group of 20 tools that make it easier to work with layers in After Effects.
Includes very useful and practical tools.

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Matte Layers
Matt's different modes are often confusing. Using this tool with clear icons, you can apply the desired mattes without any special complexity.

Matte Tool takes the confusion out of creating and combining mattes between layers, and makes it easier for you to work with Matt.
Merge, Subtract, Intersect and Exclude mattes in an easy to use interface.
Subtracting a layer from each other
➤ Merge
➤ Subtract
➤ Intersect
➤ Exclude

Alt Text
Precompose And De-PreCopose By One Click.

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Allows you to crop your objects within the current frame or work area time without any restrictions.
It will work on animation objects within selected work area.
➤ Crop compositions to fit their contents.
➤ Crop the layer individually
➤ Crop selected layers in groups

Alt Text
Split By Mask: Method 1
Separate the layer using drawing masks.
This tool breaks the object into pieces by the masks drawn on it.
There are two methods for separating by masks.
➤ Method 1:
Draw closed masks on the object, through which we can separate those masks from the main object.

Alt Text
Split By Mask: Method 2
Separate the layer using drawing masks.
➤ Method 2:
Draw a rectangular mask with 4 vertices around the object. Other masks are drawn linearly and open with the desired number of vertices

Alt Text
Split Parts Of Transparency Layer
Separate the selected layer components.
Ability to apply on any layer or composition.
The object should be a transparent object.

Alt Text
Merge Layers As Image
Convert your selected layers to an image file This tool converts all selected layers into one image layer.
We can have the selected layers or the image layer can be replaced with them.

Alt Text
Green And Blue Screen Remover
A powerful keyer without the complicated settings.
Remove the background from the footage in a completely real way.
With one click, the background color is automatically detected and the relevant settings are applied.
In the user interface, a panel appears containing the original image with which you can easily pick the screen color manually. And the extra buttons to change alpha modes and....
Color transparency is another tool next to this tool that you can use to remove any color from your objects quickly.

Alt Text
Fade Transparency
Transparent your layers linearly
With this tool, you can make your layer transparent.
Using this tool, two points are placed on your object, the transparency of the layer follows these two points, and the selected layer becomes linearly transparent.
Ability to apply on any layer or composition

Alt Text

Alt Text

Blending Layers
Reveal Any Part of a Layer

A tool for Blending layers to reveal Any Part of a layer from Layers that are on top of each other.
It lets you create selected areas by a single shape layer. You can then reveal these areas visually. The tool makes it easy to dynamically show any part of the layer below using the created shapes on a specific layer.
You can even move your blended objects and have a special animation of it.

Alt Text

Changes in the new update
We always use your feedback to improve this extension.
And this extension is updated regularly based on your needs.

➤ Merge shape layers
➤ Explode shape layer
➤ Explode text layer
➤ Explode Ai layer

  • Save Actions


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Save Actions

    Save and recall actions in After Effects. A practical and easy tool for storing layers with the ability to save the properties of layers in general or selectively with live preview.

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  • Flatten Layers 2


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Flatten Layers 2

    Group and flatten layers without pre-rendering! The selected layers will be flattened to a single layer in the background without any quality loss or rendering. Easily switch between the flattened and unflattened layers

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  • Splash


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Save Objects

    Save compositions, layers and properties with live preview.

    Presets, Fonts, Masks, Markers, Keyframes interpolation, Expressions and JSX code can also be saved with the ability to change all values.
    + All files viewer

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  • splash


    • Compatibility After Effects


    Duplicate layers using a pattern in After Effects with many options:

    controllable duplication, randomize properties, anchor point management, layers coloring, layers arrangement, and more.

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