ft-UVPass Bundle

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

With this bundle you will be able to re-texture your 3D objects and create 3D masks directly in After Effects by using AOVs such as UV pass (or ST map) and Position Map (or PPass).

ft-UVPass Bundle   +$0.00
ft-UVPass Bundle Virtual   +$0.00

ft-UVPass Pro

Directly re-texture your objects in After Effects using a "UV pass" (or ST map) rendered from your 3D package


  • New: replaced Adobe's buggy subsampling function (caused extreme slowdowns) with own
  • New: subsampling can be toggled on and off with a new parameter (only for testing at the moment)
  • New: MFR and Apple Silicon compatibility
  • select a texture
  • tile texture
  • repeat texture
  • offset texture
  • keep uv pass alpha


Creates mattes that are attached to objects in 3D renders by using a PPass (also called point pass, position pass or position point pass or world position pass).  This will allow you to create custom mattes in After Effects without having to go back to the 3D program to generate them. 

Until now this functionality was only available in Nuke, so we are very excited to bring this tool to After Effects.

New Features:

  • new parameter to directly display the point pass for sampling the relevant point
  • MFR and Apple Silicon compatibility

**Please note that this is no audio on the video.

How to export a world position point pass (WPP) from:

Upgrade Notice

If you purchased ft-UVPass and/or ft-PPassMatte when they were "Name Your Own Price" plugins after July 5, 2022, you can get an upgrade discount equal to the price you paid. If you purchased before you get a discount equal to 50% of what you paid. For example, if you paid $20 after July 5, 2022, you get a $20 discount on this new version. If you paid $20 before July 5, 2022, you get a $10 discount. Simply login to the same account you made the purchase with and the discount will be automatically applied. If you need any assistance please open a support ticket.

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