GifGun 2

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

One-click animated GIFs in After Effects. It's version 2, so it's better!

GifGun 2   +$0.00
GifGun 2 Virtual 1   +$0.00
GifGun 2 Virtual   +$0.00

GifGun 2: Anything GIF

Works on macOS, Windows, After Effects v21+

The highly anticipated upgrade of the original GifGun is finally here!

Experience the future of GIF making with the all-new GifGun 2.

Keeping true to the original 1-click workflow with compression, batch render and tons of settings, GifGun 2 adds lots of new features.


  • Anything GIF

    GIFs are so much more than just .gif format now. That's why GifGun 2 supports .mp4 and .webm with the same cool 1-click experience now

  • Render Presets

    Just like in the After Effects, but also shareable as JSON files!

  • GIF compression

    Get even better file size with the GIF compression. Saves 15% on average.

  • Target Size Optimization

    This Experimental feature allows you to get to the target size. Restrictions apply.

  • COMING SOON: Standalone App

    GifGun 2 will soon be available as a standalone web app that does not require After Effects and does not share any data to any cloud, imagine that!

What clients say about GifGun

Quick questions

  • How to install GifGun 2?

    That's super simple! Just use the aescripts + aeplugins manager app.

  • How to render with the alpha channel?

    We removed the "Keep Alpha" option, so just select any preset that contains Alpha. The built-in "High Quality with Alpha" preset works great for both GIF and WEBM. Remember that MP4 has no alpha channel options.

  • What are the Target Size feature limitations?

    The feature is still experimental. It works cool for MP4 and WEBM. For GIFs it creates 5 versions of the gif that aim to hit the target size. Remember that GIF is not great for compression anyway.

  • What's up with the Standalone tool?

    We are making a new standalone tool for those GifGun users that don't necessarily need After Effects installed or open. This will be a web version with a standalone engine, so you will be able to render any NDA protected content without fear of it being leaked to the cloud. Because we do not develop a cloud solution.

  • How do I upgrade from GifGun 1?

    If you purchased GifGun 1 after March 1, 2023, you can upgrade for $10 which is the price difference as GifGun 2 is $10 more expensive than GifGun 1. If you purchased GifGun 1 before March 1, 2023 you can upgrade for $20. (Floating licenses additional). Simply login to the same account and the upgrade pricing will be automatically displayed on the product page. If you need any assistance please open a support ticket.

After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
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