GifGun 2

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

One-click animated GIFs in After Effects. It's version 2, so it's better!

GifGun 2   +$0.00
GifGun 2 Virtual 1   +$0.00
GifGun 2 Virtual   +$0.00

GifGun 2 is now also a completely offline, NDA-friendly browser app! While in beta, use your existing GifGun 2 license code to access it.

GifGun 2: Anything GIF

Works on macOS, Windows, After Effects v21+

The highly anticipated upgrade of the original GifGun is finally here!

Experience the future of GIF making with the all-new GifGun 2.

Keeping true to the original 1-click workflow with compression, batch render and tons of settings, GifGun 2 adds lots of new features.


  • NOW IN BETA: Browser App

    GifGun 2 is now also a completely offline, NDA-friendly browser app! While in beta, use your existing GifGun 2 license code to access it.

  • Anything GIF

    GIFs are so much more than just .gif format now. That's why GifGun 2 supports .mp4 and .webm with the same cool 1-click experience now

  • Render Presets

    Just like in the After Effects, but also shareable as JSON files!

  • GIF compression

    Get even better file size with the GIF compression. Saves 15% on average.

  • Target Size Optimization

    This Experimental feature allows you to get to the target size. Restrictions apply.

What clients say about GifGun

Quick questions

How to install GifGun 2?

That's super simple! Just use the aescripts + aeplugins manager app.

How to render with the alpha channel?

We removed the "Keep Alpha" option, so just select any preset that contains Alpha. The built-in "High Quality with Alpha" preset works great for both GIF and WEBM. Remember that MP4 has no alpha channel options.

What are the Target Size feature limitations?

The feature is still experimental. It works cool for MP4 and WEBM. For GIFs it creates 5 versions of the gif that aim to hit the target size. Remember that GIF is not great for compression anyway.

What's up with the Browser tool?

GifGun2 is now also available as a browser app!. You can use it with your existing GifGun 2 license code. The app is completely offline, works in your browser, does no send any user data to a cloud and great when working with NDAs. It's still in beta, so please report any issues.

How do I upgrade from GifGun 1?

If you purchased GifGun 1 after March 1, 2023, you can upgrade for $10 which is the price difference as GifGun 2 is $10 more expensive than GifGun 1. If you purchased GifGun 1 before March 1, 2023 you can upgrade for $20. (Floating licenses additional). Simply login to the same account and the upgrade pricing will be automatically displayed on the product page. If you need any assistance please open a support ticket.

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