BG Renderer MAX

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

Now supports native multi-threaded render. The power to render compositions in the background with full control!

Multiprocessing, rendering to both sequence and mp4/ProRes, remote monitoring, lots of integrations, notifications – all in one super tool.

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Meet the new BG Renderer Max!

BG Renderer Chat

What's it for?

BG Renderer Max gives you the power to render compositions in the background with After Effects' rendering engine while still working on your projects. See ya later Media Encoder!

Set up your render workflow with multiple post-render options like Slack and Email notifications. Produce ProRes and mp4 files from sequence automatically. Monitor your renders remotely for free.

BG Renderer Max saves you time and hassle on production.

Easier workflow

We love smooth one-click workflows.

So we made a minimalistic render indicator. Yeah, just like in GifGun.

BG Renderer Max – Render
BG Renderer Chat

Free remote monitoring

Monitor your render progress on any machine on mobile device anywhere. For free.

Read more about Remote monitoring on this page.

Native notification system

Send render notifications as Slack messages and emails right from the BG Renderer Max. No third-party accounts needed.

Tons of integrations

Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, IFTTT, and Pushover integrations mean more notification options and better workflow enhancement.

This means, you can access the full power of Push notifications, SMS messages, writing render confirmations to Google Sheets, Trello cards, turning off your smart lightbulbs... Oh, the options!

Powerful message composer

Create custom render notifications with our built-in Message Composer.

Add tags easily with autocomplete and suggest features.

Compile sequence to animation

Render to sequence for pipeline intergation and produce mp4 or ProRes at the same time!

Custom render queue view

Enjoy easier render visual control with our custom Render Queue view.

BG Renderer Max – Render Queue

See the exact progress for each render queue element, sort by name, open render folders.

Built-in support

Get instant help on every part of the interface, any action, anything.

Just right-click anywhere and go to the website we've set up for you!

It contains an extensive description of each feature as well as tutorials and screencasts to help you start using all the BG Renderer Max' features faster.

If you experience any issues, please proceed to the Troubleshooting page.


Installing BG Renderer Max

Get ZXP Installer by aescripts, open it and drag BG Renderer Max.zxp into the interface.

Relaunch After Effects and go to Window -> Extensions -> BG Renderer Max


Good to know

After Effects' rendering capacity is mostly limited by your machine's RAM amount, not processor cores.

This is why we do not recommend setting the render threads amount higher than half of your cores. For easier renders you may set it to the number of cores minus one. Please test with the minimum threads amount first.


System Requirements

  • After Effects CC2018+
    Please note that due to an Adobe bug, BG Renderer is not compatible with AE 17.5, please use 17.1.4 or 17.5.1
  • macOS 10.13 and newer
  • Windows 10/11

Please note that there might be issues with Hackintosh setups. Install at your own risk.


Upgrade Notice

BG Renderer MAX is a brand new product re-written from the ground up. However, we are still offering a small upgrade discount if you own a BG Renderer Pro license (please note that Basic licenses or purchases made before Aug 2012 do not qualify). Simply log in to the same account, and the upgrade discount will be applied in the shopping cart. If you need any assistance, please open a support request

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BG Renderer is using FFMPEG under the LGPL license. Source code: [1] and [2]

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