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Author: Tilles Motion

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Quick Overview

Create a Carousel inside After Effects with one click. There are 5 types of Carousel: Linear, Circular 2D, Circular 3D, Exponential and Path.

Carousel XPress


Easy, fast and flexible

Carousel XPress is a script for After Effects that allows you to build a working Carousel with one click. Use it for product presentation, looping backgrounds, lettering and other crazy effects. It is meant to be flexible, so you can be creative. In this first version, there are 5 types of Carousel: Linear, Circular 2D, Circular 3D, Exponential and Path.


Drag your material onto the composition, select the layers and choose a type of Carousel. THAT'S IT! All layers are now part of a rig that's controlled by a Control Layer with many parameters. Change and animate these parameters to have your things going. Also, there's a local parameter in every layer of the rig, that you can use to fine tune the layer position.


Once you have created a carousel, some properties like position and rotation may have been filled with expressions. If you want more control over each item, like an animation IN or OUT the screen, you can create the carousel over Nulls. For that, just hold SHIFT before clicking the desired carousel. The expressions will be applied to nulls, and each item will be parented accordingly.

Other feature, is that the UI is responsive, so it can fit easily in your workspace.

Example of Control layer parameters


A trial version is available and you don't need to download any other files in case you buy the license. Just paste the license code and you'll be ready to go. There are some limitations in this version:

• 7 days license • 3 types of carousel are disabled • Total items in a carousel limited to 5 layers • Some utilities have been disabled • 

Watch the promo video for more info, examples and try it now!

Follow Tilles Motion and @tilles.motioncode for more expressions, scripts, presets and coding for AE.

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