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Author: Zohaib Malik

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Quick Overview

NEW: v1.2 with 8 New Features!  Create dynamic grids and slideshow animations easily with a lot of flexibility.
It also offers 3 Powerful Tools for creating and managing grids, creating or updating precomps, and bulk editing compositions for a project or template.

Version 1.2 - New Features Outlines

  • Random Animate Grid Items.
  • Shift Rows/Columns Progressively.
  • Z-position controls for grid items.
  • Cusom grid items transformation.
  • Auto update of expression engine.
  • Option to bulk edit current composition.
  • Set target layers by selection in bulk edit dialog.
  • New grid utilities in additional utilities dialog.
  • Update old grids in additional utilities dialog.
  • And many other improvements...
  • Watch New Features in v1.2 video

3 in 1 Toolkit

Features Introduction


Easily create dynamic grids or slideshows using different type of layers.
There are a lot of controls available to animate or adjust the grid.
You can easily add or remove items from a grid or modify using additional utilities.



Create individual precomps for multiple selected layer.
Set how these should get its sizes and other settings.
Update existing comps / precomps and can add background layers.


Bulk Editing

Edit Templates or Compositions in bulk. You can fill placeholders compositions easily.
Add / Remove / Replace / Change Visibility of Items in the selected comps.
Target Layers inside all compositions based on name or index.

Key Features

Create & Manage Grids

  • Grid Distribution & Fitting
  • Item Fitting Options
  • Offset (Row/Column Alternatively)
  • Progressively Shift Rows/Columns
  • Add Margins
  • Zoom Specific Item to Comp
  • Adjust Items Frame Sizes
  • Add Masks to Clip Items
  • Set Roundness for Frames
  • Stroke (Dashes, Gap, Offset)
  • Backgrounds
  • Animate Transform with Delays
  • Additional Grid Utilities

Precomp Items

  • Precomp Multiple Layers
    Video / Image / Shape / Text etc
  • Different Size Options
  • Add Margins
  • Fitting Options to Comp
  • Duration / Frame Rate / Pixel Aspect Ratio
  • Add Background Layer
  • Update Existing Comps

Bulk Edit Comps

  • Add / Replace / Remove / Change Visibility in All Selected Compositions
    (Based On Set Target Layers)
  • Distribution Methods
    (For New Items To Be Added)
  • Repeat Items
    (If Both Selections Aren't Equal)
  • Fitting Options and Placement
  • Target Layers by Selection / Index / Name

Some Features Outlines

Panels & Controls

Multiple Panels

multi_panels1_v1.2 multi_panels2_v1.2

Grid Preset Controls

Control the grid and frame features properties. Or animate these easily.




Supported Item Types

You can use any kind of layer with a valid video source including shape layers, text layers, footage, images, compositions, etc.

Different Item Sizes & Ratios

You can use items with different sizes and ratios. These will be distributed inside equal-sized invisible frames. (Similar to cells in excel)
Then you can choose any fitting option from the controller layer to fit those inside their frames.
You can also add the mask frame feature to clip the exceeding pixels of these items from their frames based on the selected fitting option.

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Note: Bundle discount is only for single-user licenses and not for floating licenses.

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