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Author: irrealix

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Quick Overview

Volna is an advanced stroke plugin for After Effects. With built-in arrows, noise distortion, gradients and blend tool.

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Volna is advanced strokes plugin for After Effects.

Volna can draw a strokes along path with a lot of possible styles.

  • Arrows at the end of path with adjustable parameters.
  • Taper strokes.
  • Gradient along path.
  • Noise distortion.
  • Wave distortion.
  • Points mode.
  • Multi line mode with noise distortion for each line. Can be used to get chalk style stroke.

Sine animation Shape distortion
with noise
Multy line


Blend Shapes

Also Volna can blend different paths from two layer masks to create a new shape. The plugin draws intermediate lines between masks, smoothly blend from one path to another.

  • Randomize lines steps.
  • Noise distortion.
  • Wave distortion.
  • Gradient randomize.
  • Gradient offset.


shapes and color
with single mask

shapes and color
with couple masks


Primitives types

Points Mode

Lines Mode



Gradien offset Art by Andrea Minini

Noise deform

Lines and points


After Effects 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017
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