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Author: Zack Lovatt

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Quick Overview

Flex is a tool for creating dynamically realigning layouts for your layers.

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Flex is a tool for creating dynamically realigning layers in different layouts.

Flex Line Rigs are all about working with single rows or columns, whereas Flex Grid Rigs are for more complicated scenarios in which you have multiple rows or columns operating as a cohesive system.

Flex is a collaboration between Vincent Raineri & Zack Lovatt

Flex Lines

A Line Rig will connect all of your selected layers together into a straight line.

Then you can quickly & easily have the size of one layer affect the scale and position of its neighbours, creating a nice flexible line.

Flex Grids

If a Line Rig is too 1-dimensional for you, try a Grid Rig!

Flex Grid Rigs will take your existing layouts and create horizontal and vertical controllers for them, letting you dynamically flex groups of layers as rows and columns.

Don't want to create your grids by hand? Buy Flex with Slides & Grids together and save 20%!

Flex Methods

Once rigged, Flex gives six different ways to handle scaling within your layers.

Flex Mattes

Don't want to mess with your layer scaling? Try Flex Mattes.

Instead of modifying your layers, Flex can create rigged mattes, preserving your art & still getting all perks.

Basic Tutorial

User Guide

Check out the full Flex user guide here.

Trial Limitations

The following restrictions apply in Trial Mode:

  • Matte Mode is disabled.
  • Stroke Options (setting inner/outer shape layer strokes) are disabled.

Promo Bundle

Buy Flex with Slides & Grids together and save 20%!

Discount will be automatically added in the shopping cart, and only applies to single-user licenses.

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