Divide & Corner

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Author: Eofain PTorrez

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Quick Overview

Divide a layer into layers, masks or shape layers with many options including custom corners and customizable collage

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What is Divide & Corner

Divide & Corner divides a layer (compositions, pre-compositions, solids) using masks on the same layer or divided into several layers with the option of making them shape layers.


Six shape types


Five corner types


Position of the Anchor Point


Divide as Mask or as Shape Layer


Create prefect shapes


Parent Null Object


Create Color Control


Customizable collage option


Quick Start

  1. Select the shape type from the icons on the top row.
  2. Select the number of columns, rows and margins to divide into.
  3. Select a corner type.
  4. Select the position of the Anchor Point ("AP").
  5. Choose whether you want to divide into a Mask ("to Mask") or into shape layers ("to ShapeLayer").
  6. Options:
  • "Layering" Divides the selected layer into different layers. Leaving this option unchecked will keep all cuts in the same layer.
  • "Create perfect shapes" Will create the most perfect shapes possible based on the options set. For example if you select a circle shape (from the top row), by default if the layer is not the same height and width, and the number of rows and columns is not equal, the circles will be very long or very stretched, Choosing this option will create perfect circles. This applies to all shapes.

             The following options only apply if "Layering" is enabled:

  • "Parent to Null object" Creates a Null that all the divided layers are parented to.

  • "Create Color Control" A Fill effect is added to each divided layer and connected via expressions to an Adjustment Layer where the colors can be easily controlled for all the layers.

  • "Create Collage" Creates a collage effect connected to a null layer where the collage options can be dynamically modified.

  • User Interface
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