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Author: Motion Embassy

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Quick Overview

15% Off until Sep 30. Create dynamic, self-resizing text boxes with powerful alignment & sizing options.


The easiest and quickest way to create complex dynamic text boxes!

Perfect for lower thirds, labels, chat bubbles, multiple text boxes and more!

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Templates included.

Get up and running in no time with these included templates. Use them in as many commercial projects as you like. Templates are provided as an After Effects 2020 project file (1080p/30fps).












Core Features

Core Features

  • Add a shape layer box under the text layer, that will perfectly fit the text and will automatically update, when the text is changed.
  • Choose between "Cap Height", "x-Height" and "Full Height" - No more height differences, when animating text with different-sized letters (ascenders / descenders / accents).
  • Works with paragraph text and vertical text (only with "Full Height").
  • Works in 3D.
  • Expansion (Individual & All), Roundness & Skew.



  • Add "Lines" (horizontal & vertical), that will perfectly fit the bounding box. The lines are shape layers, so you can make use of all the benefits of shape layers, like tapering, dashes, waves, repeater, trim paths etc.
  • Add "Boundary Nulls" to add nine Null Objects to the corners, sides and center of the bounding box. You can then attach any layer to any Null Object and the layer's position will always update with the text.

Master Settings

Master Settings

  • When you apply "Box It!" to a text layer, effect controls get added to the text layer and a shape layer box is created with it's own effect controls.
  • If you add several boxes, you can adjust the settings for each box individually or use the effect controls on the text layer to adjust all the boxes at once.


Adaptive Roundness

  • The roundness amount of a box automatically changes in relation to its distance from the "master-box". This way, when you have multiple boxes with different expansion settings, rounded corners will always look correct. If desired, you have the option to uncheck this.
  • You have the option to choose between pixel-based and percentage-based roundness. Choose pixel-based roundness, if you don't want the roundness to change when the box size changes. (e.g. with multi-line text)

Align To Composition

Align To Composition

  • Align your text boxes to the composition (x and y-axis) and add position offsets (x, y, z).
  • It will update with the size of the composition.

Align To Parent Layer

Align To Parent Layer

  • Align your text boxes to a parent layer (25 different positions).
  • You can change the source text, size, scale and expansion settings of all text layers, and the alignment will automatically update.
  • The alignment calculations are based on the master controls (effect controls on the text layer). The effect controls on the shape layer box are ignored. This way you have more flexibility when designing your setups.

Minimum Width

Minimum Width/Height

  • Set a minimum width and height for the box (pixel value).
  • Perfect for when you want several text boxes to be the same width or if a lower third should always be a certain width or height, no matter how short the text is.

Minimum Width From Layer

Get Min Width/Height from Layer

  • Set the box width/height to be at least the width/height of a chosen layer.
  • Perfect for lower thirds.

Size At Time

Size At Time

  • The box adapts to the size of a text, but the size of a text can change over time, e.g. when you use text animators.
  • You can choose when the box references the text layer to determine its size.
  • Choose between: Current Time, Layer In Point, Layer Mid Point, Layer Out Point, Custom Time (for both width and height individually)
  • a) uses "Current Time". b) uses "Layer In Point".



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How does it work?

It’s super easy!

1. Select one or more text layers.
2. Click "Box It!" to add a dynamic text box.
3. Choose an element from the dropdown menu.
4. Click "Add" to add the chosen element to your text.
5. Adjust the settings in the Effect Controls Panel.
6. Done!

Script UI



Why Box It!?

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect

Have you noticed how the position of a text box slightly shifts, when different shaped letters are used as the first character? When you set your alignment with “Box It!” it will always be perfect, no matter what.

Best Looking

Best Looking

There are different ways of creating rectangles around a text. For optimal results, it's crucial to consider uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as ascenders and descenders. The key to a consistent and visually pleasing text box lies in using "cap height" to determine its height. Can you identify the example that uses cap height? (Solution at the end of the page.)



"Box It!" truly shines when combined with After Effects' built-in essential properties. Design and animate your text box in a single composition, then transfer the alignment and width properties of "Box It!" to the Essential Graphics panel. This allows for multiple variations of your text box, and if the client requests color or shape changes, you only need to adjust a single composition.



Everything is shape layer based so you can create your own Motion Graphics Templates (mogrts) for Premiere Pro or share your project with your clients and colleagues. They do NOT require "Box It!" to be installed.



Try it free!

Experience "Box It!" for free before making a purchase. The trial version has the following limitations:

  • Valid for 7 days.
  • You cannot add "Elements".
  • Templates not included.




1. The script does not work!
Make sure the expressions engine is set to "JavaScript" and not "Legacy ExtendScript". Go to "Project Settings/Expressions" to find this setting.
2. Every expression gives an error!
Make sure the expressions engine is set to "JavaScript" and not "Legacy ExtendScript". Go to "Project Settings/Expressions" to find this setting.
3. Can I share projects I made using Box It, without the need for others to install Box It?
Yes! Only shape layers and pseudo effects are used, so you can share your projects or templates with everyone.



 Learn how to use Box It!

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*Solution: a) Cap Height b) Full Height c) x-Height

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