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Author: Motion Embassy

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Quick Overview

Quickly delete, disable, enable or reset different aspects of a layer with just a single click.

Quick Delete & Reset




  • Delete all Keyframes
  • Delete all Effects
  • Delete all Masks
  • Delete all Layer Markers
  • Delete all Expressions
  • Disable all Expressions
  • Enable all Expressions
  • Reset Transformations
  • Reset All
  • Settings

How to use it?

Select one or multiple layers in the timeline and click one of the following buttons:

Delete Keys:
Deletes all the keyframes of a layer. The layer's properties will keep the values, which they had at the current time. Therefore move the current time indicator in the timeline to the desired position, before deleting the keyframes.

Delete Effects:
Deletes all the effects, which were applied to a layer.

Delete Masks:
Deletes all the masks of a layer.

Delete Layer Markers:
Deletes all layer markers.

Delete Expressions:
Deletes all the expressions of a layer.

Disable Expressions:
Disables all the expressions of a layer.

Enable Expressions:
Enables all the expressions of a layer.

Reset Transformations:
Resets the transformation properties of a layer to their default values.

Reset All:
Deletes all the keyframes, effects, masks, markers and expressions of a layer and resets the transformation properties to their default values.


The script layout is fully responsive. The button positions will dynamically adapt, as you change the window size. Additionally you can choose which buttons will show up in the toolbar and you also have the option to switch from icon buttons to text buttons.



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