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Author: Laurence Yates

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Quick Overview

A quick way to animate "write-on" reveal mattes in After Effects.

QuickDraw v1.0



QuickDraw provides a number of tools to create and manipulate keyframes for individual strokes drawn using the built-in Paint Effect. If you're handy with a Wacom tablet or even drawing with your mouse, once you've traced your source text layer or line drawing QuickDraw makes the animation and timing process a piece of cake.

Each stroke in a Paint Effect has animatable properties including an "End" property. By setting two keyframes at 0% and 100% the stroke is drawn on. QuickDraw is a collection of methods for setting and manipulating these keyframes.



  • Updated to work with new aescripts+plugins licencing framework and 2023 compatibility.


  • Updated to work with macOS Catalina (licence issue).
  • Faster and more stable method for stroke measurement.
  • Painted layers with expressions and keyframes are managed when creating a parented Track Matte layer.
  • Choose the colour of the generated Track Matte layer.
  • All QuickDraw options are saved to your After Effects preferences.

QuickDraw Features

  • Equal duration and frequency - one click.
  • Sequencing of existing keyframes (most useful after tweaking preset keyframes), with options for overlap or padding.
  • Staggering of existing keyframes.
  • Keyframes set between IN and OUT points on the Timeline with keyframe spacing proportionate to stroke length.
  • High accuracy stroke length measurement option - default method counts the stroke vertices, the other sums segment lengths.
  • Calculated stroke lengths cached in Stroke name (saves recalculating when experimenting with timings).
  • 2 track matte options - via duplicate layer or alternatively achieved in Effects stack.
  • Set keyframes from playhead position (default is from layer in point).
  • Select strokes in the Timeline or Layer Viewer and animate selected only.
  • Filter strokes by Brush or Eraser type (based on stroke names).

Quick Demo

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Download User Manual

QuickDraw Projects

This series of videos done for the Rental Tenancy Authority are a prime example of QuickDraw in production.

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  • Measured Tab
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Quick Demo

Walkthrough Tutorial

QuickDraw Projects

This series of videos done for the Rental Tenancy Authority Queensland are a prime example of QuickDraw in production.

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