Blace Plugins FAQ

Mar 16, 2023 by Blace Plugins

Installation issues / connection error (macOS / Windows)

  • This can happen due to an active VPN connection or firewall. Please deactivate and try again.

    If this error persists, please try to install the plugin on another machine or on a different network or different network interface (ie, switch from ethernet to wifi, etc)

    The plugin folder will be in the folders described here:

  •  “Running package scripts…” on macOS seems frozen

    This part of the installation will take long time, since it downloads several GB of data. You probably have to wait longer.

Crash / problem during usage

  • Please follow the steps outlined here
  • Open a support ticket and share the logfile and, if possible, a simple project file that creates the error (please zip archive everything before uploading).
    We might need 2 weeks or more to investigate this further. Sorry for the delay. If you just want a refund before, please let us know

  • Media Encoder crashing on startup: Please restart Media Encoder until the project loads.

Questions regarding usage