Multi Parent Rigging

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Author: bear studios

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Quick Overview

Modular based animation rigging & Parent rigging, with unlimited possibilities.

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What is Multi Parent Rigging?

Multi Parent Rigging brings modular animation to after effects. It allows you to create additional Parented transform properties ( position, rotation, scale, opacity ) that connect to any other layer. With a global slider to control all properties or individual sliders in the advanced settings you are able to Parent each property smoothly to that of another layer, no matter if its 2D, 3D, hidden, locked, parented, or even a child. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and allows you to combine different parented properties from different layers, or the same layer at different times, or at the same time. Give it a spin, this is something you won't regret.

What is modular animation?

Modular animation is what it sounds like. Animation, that is modular. Modular is the term in which something can be added to something else, most times to improve its capabilities. Currently, animations are made using keyframes set on the properties of that layer. This means trying to create smooth transitions from walk cycles to jumps, becomes a very time consuming, very fiddly, and ever so annoying thing to create. Not, only that but once you’ve created the jump and run it’s almost impossible to re-use what you just made. 

Modular animations change all of that. Instead of creating the keyframes on the main layers, you instead create them on null objects. In which you can then use one of the sliders to connect your rig to that layer at any time. Meaning if you wanted your character to jump, you simply animate null objects to make your character jump, and at the time you want it to happen you use the slider to connect your character to the nulls. And BOOM your character jumps.

Another example is when you want your character to grab something. Holding something with keyframes is… a pain at best. Having to double the number of keyframes needed, not only on the moving object but the arms about to hold it. Well, all that stops now! You simply animate your moving object and use a slider to connect your arms to it. And hey presto… you're done.

This is not limited to just character animation. But, all animation in general. Allow your layers to be controller by parented properties.

Works with Parented layers

Doesn’t matter if your layer is parented or your target layer is parented, either way, it will always work. If you have keyframes on your current layer, as the slider starts to move, it’ll start to ignore them.

Fed up with the Parenting tool?

Ever wanted to tie 1 part of a property to something else? Tried parenting it to a layer and having it do everything you didn’t want? Well, now that can all be solved. By using Multi parent Rigging, you are able to set up to 10 parents in which you can use any part of their properties smoothly and easily. Even down to constraining itself to it’s Parents X position only, or if you are feeling crazy you can even Parent to the opposite rotation of Y.

With simple to use settings, you are able to speed up your entire animation workflow. Grab it now, and let's see what you can create!

Connect anything

Use all the sliders available to create interesting and dynamic animations. Play with what you want to follow and what you don’t. It’s all down to you.

position & rotationposition & scale & rotation2 targets


  • Add up to 10 additional parents to any layer
  • Globally control position, rotation, scale, opacity with 1 slider
  • Have individual control over the position X, Y, and Z
  • Have individual control over the rotation X, Y and Z & invert
  • Have individual control over the scale X, Y and Z & invert
  • Have individual control over the opacity & invert
  • Works with layers that already have expressions
  • Can create a controller layer
  • Works in 3D automatically
  • Auto-generate targets to be used as Parents
  • Works with already parented layers
  • Works even if it is parented
  • Works without keyframes
  • Works with keyframes

Trial Restrictions

Trial mode limits the maximum allowed Parents to 2. It also limits the properties to only the position and opacity. It also limits you to the non-advance settings.

Video Tutorial

After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6
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