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Author: PENCIL Park

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Quick Overview

Introducing Volume n' Tricks - a game-changer for 2D/2.5D design. Create outstanding isometric volumes and rotation without 3D layers or cameras. Plus, the faux camera adds even more depth to your designs. Elevate your 2D art to outer space with Volume n' Tricks.

Design from new perspectives and stay in 2D (for real) : add beautiful volume and rotation to your 2D creations without 3D layers or cameras.

Volume n' Tricks is a unique and handy toolkit to import vectors designs or create flat designs and turn them in isometric volume:

Volume n' Tricks is a unique tool for creating stunning isometric projections and volumes from your 2D designs. With Volume n' Tricks, you can make all kinds of isometric projections and volumes, including 8 skews (bias/tilted) options. One of the most exciting features of Volume n' Tricks is its unique Volume FX, which allows you to define an excellent extrusion.
As a result, this powerful tool can add depth and dimension to your designs in ways you never thought possible. Set up light and its brightness angle and opacity, apply a gradient, choose different blend modes, fine-tune a pretty smooth light falloff, open the Effect Controls panel and change VnT parameters live! Everything is keyframable. But Volume n' Tricks is about more than just creating isometric projections and volumes. It also allows you to rotate and pivot your creations, shift them on the X, Y, and Z axis, and discover an exclusive feature: the WORLD CONTROLLER.

Switch to an isometric mode in a few clicks!

Short Example

Short Example
You can mix your already-made isometric scene with new objects created with Volume n'Tricks.You can also select multiple layers and apply Volume n' Tricks simultaneously, precompose and crop your layers on the fly!
Volume/Extrusion is available for shape and text layers, vector files (illustrator .ai), and .eps, making it a versatile tool for any designer. Take this opportunity to take your designs to the next level with Volume n' Tricks.
And by the way: your colleagues or friends don't need Volume n' Tricks to open or modify your files

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