Volume n' Tricks

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Author: PENCIL Park

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Design from new perspectives and amaze yourself: Give beautiful volume to your layers without using 3D layers or cameras.
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Volume n' Tricks


Design from new perspectives and amaze yourself: add volume to your creation without 3D layers or Cameras!

Fresh Release: version 1.0.7 is now compatible with expressions embedded in layers (wiggle, transform, position, scale etc.), most of your plugins + Fresh UI + Progress Bar & More Controls!

Volume n' Tricks is a single button that you can dock in your workspace. The button calls the UI whenever you need it.
Volume n' Tricks is a handy toolkit within After Effects:

  • Create 24 isometric projections (3*4 * RTL and LTR) + 8 skew (bias) projections.
  • For text and shape layers, define an extrusion with a unique volume FX
  • Set up light and its brightness angle
  • Cast a (mimicked) shadow and manage its property
  • Apply a gradient and choose different blend modes
  • Fine-tune a pretty smooth light falloff.
  • Volume is available for shape and text layers, and also vector files (illustrator .ai) and .eps
  • Footage can be projected in all directions
  • Create a scalable isometric grid.
  • And more... 

Everything is in 2D, using a single flat layer. You can add keys to almost all properties.
Vn'T doesn't duplicate layers, except to backup a text or illustrator layer (.eps, .ai): You work on a single layer 

Your colleagues or friends do not need the plugin to open or modify your files.

After Effects 2022, 2021, 2020
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    PENCIL Park

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    Create a magnetic 3D isometric Map in 1 click, set up Golden Ratio Guides, 16:9 Guides, Hex Map...And above all, manage items, anchors and guides like never before!

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