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Author: bear studios

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Quick Overview

Build, Save, and Share custom animation templates extracted from your characters to be used with any character regardless of size or dimensions. Open the door to the future because this is it


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RIGOMATOR is a tool which allows you to extract and save any animation from a character including all animated effects. It then allows you to apply your saved animation templates to any character or any piece of a character regardless of size or dimensions. Just think about that for 1 minutes…

It’s simple, fast and extremely effective allowing you to quickly add animations to any character and build your own unique library of animations. With full support for Duik Bassel, Rubber Hose V2, Limber v1.5, and Joysticks ’n Sliders. Try it out, it will literally blow your mind.

Animation Extraction

RIGOMATOR gives you the almighty power to extract any animation from a character. Maybe you want to extract that awesome wave you spent 3 hours making? Or maybe you would like to extract a jump that you spent a week perfecting? Well now you can!

You can extract an entire animation from a character or you can extract a few select keyframes, that’s your choice! You can extract the arms or the legs or maybe you would just like it’s head?

Animation Application

Your extracted animations have now been squished, pulled, and slapped ( almost literally ) into an animation template! Congratulations! Now you can apply this animation template onto any character regardless of your new characters size or dimensions.

You will also gain some handy dandy new effects allowing you to connect your character to your new shiny animations. With sliders, and checkboxes you can toggle your new animations on and off at ease giving you so much flexibility.

Defiantly forgot to mention the fact that your new animations hold all of their original information so editing them is as simple as opening their keyframes and going nuts!

Build Your Library

Create a full library of saved animations with unique names and folders to fully equip yourself for the future! Client wants a character to roll around on the floor? Hey I’ve got that animation! 5 minutes later… money in your pocket.

Disclaimer: RIGOMATOR can’t actually guarantee a client will pay you in 5 minutes.

Or Download From Others

RIGOMATOR lets you share any of your animation templates by creating a folder for you to share with the world. Yes! The entire world ( hopefully ). You can give them out for free or you can create lucrative packs for a little bit $$$

For those of you who have got some animation template packs you have the amazing option of adding them into your library for you to use with all your characters!


Trial Restrictions

Trial mode limits you to only being able to use Duik, it also limits you to only being able to create animations for the left hand and the right foot. Trial mode also only gives you access to the script for 7 days.

The Future of RIGOMATOR

Adding to RIGOMATOR and making It better is a top priority and I’m already working on the next big update! I can’t thank anyone enough for their support in purchasing RIGOMATOR, it’s not only a huge support to the future of RIGOMATOR. But, also a massive support for my new little arrival ( my wife had just given birth to our little baby girl Yuna, born 20th December 2018 ) RIGOMATOR is actually available to everyone because of her. She was my inspiration in creating it and making it ready for all of you! So again thank you! Expect the next big release to include some awesome features! ( I may open a Trello page for you to see whats coming and also add suggestions )


After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015
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